Summer Eyeshadow Shades That Complement Any Eye Color

When the summer heat hits and all you want to do is throw on a sundress and flip flops, pairing your outfit with the perfect eyeshadow look can make getting ready for the day a bit more exciting. Whether you're loving neutrals, living for lime, or looking for lavender, the perfect summer eyeshadow look for you is out there and we're here to help you find it. Some looks are timeless and look great no matter what color eyes you have, from blue, hazel, and green to the deepest brown. 

A sunny, glowing lid will always be in style for summer. For a captivating look that's reminiscent of a summer sunset over the shoreline, you'll want to grab your favorite shades of gold, copper, and matte pink shadow. Blend the gold hue in the inner corner of the eye and the matte pink to the outer, then finish with a generous swipe of copper along the crease to achieve the perfect summer sunset eye look. These neutral shades will look amazing with any eye color, and with the wide variety of available shades, you're sure to find an assortment that suits you perfectly (via Byrdie). Make your copper work double-time for a summer look with a fully covered copper lid, then add a peach hue to the lower lash line.

Bold hues are trending for summer 2021

Don't be afraid to try out some of the trendier looks. Summer 2021 is all about the bold eyeshadow shades, and oranges, pinks, and purples will be having a major moment this season (via The Zoe Report). Get a little daring and replace your go-to lavender shades with a more saturated and pigmented electric purple tone. Skip the eyeliner and complete the look with a semi natural-looking set of false lashes to make a simple statement. Stick to matte shades for an on-trend execution of the look.

In place of black eyeliner, many beauty gurus have been going for bolder, brighter colors for the summer months. Blues and aquas in particular are getting tons of attention. Add a strong but simple swipe of waterproof liquid liner to your upper lid and finish the look with mascara for an eye-catching look that won't melt away in the high temperatures (via Elle). If bold hues aren't your thing, soften the classic cat-eye liner look with a brown liner to make it summer-friendly, says The Zoe Report. This subtle look works with any eye color.

Whatever you choose to rock on your lids this summer, don't forget to add your favorite mascara and a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks for a simple, easy, go-to summer look.