This Makeup Trick Will Keep Your Foundation From Melting Off Your Face This Summer

When we're going out for the night, whether it be with friends or for a date, we always want to look our absolute best. Those summer months are our favorite time to go grab cocktails with the girls, watch a baseball game at a Biergarten with the guys, or even stroll through the park after dinner with our significant other. Obviously, prepping to look absolutely flawless for our night on the town is crucial, so we're always applying our favorite beauty look before we hit it. 

The downside to those summer nights out always happens to be the heat and the humidity. When the temperature gets higher, we definitely sweat more than ever, which can cause some serious beauty disasters for us. Whether it's wiping off our foundation when we wipe our damp forehead, or even having our mascara run down our cheeks, having your makeup look sloppy is definitely not what we're aiming for. 

But, even in the heat, you can still have a glowing contour and not have to worry about it dripping away. Fortunately, the professionals are here to give us some solid advice about how to keep foundation on your face, despite the heat.

Professional makeup artists' tips for wearing foundation in the summer

According to professionals, keeping your foundation light in the summer is crucial to preventing melting and buildup (via InStyle). You can also do a few different things if you want to use foundation and ensure that it stays on throughout the day and night. 

One thing you want to do is make sure you moisturize. You can do this by adding a drop of moisturizer to your favorite foundation before you apply it to your face. Also, using a beauty blender helps to spread your foundation out and keep it in place for longer. Another hack is to use a primer. Makeup primers help to seal your pores and also it creates a base for your makeup to attach to. It helps to keep your makeup on for much longer and reduces the chance of oil build up and a "greasy" look throughout the night. 

Wearing powder foundations for summer is also an excellent idea. Powder-based foundations tend to be more matte than liquid, which can be more oily and look wet. Powder-based foundations are also used when professionals want to let the makeup fully set, according to Ipsy

One big piece of advice is to invest in blotting sheets, per Byrdie. You can order them from any beauty store and they fit right in your bag. They take all the excess oil and grease off your face while keeping your makeup in check. What more can you ask for?!