The Best Hairstyles Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you're looking to try a new hairstyle on for size, why not start with your zodiac sign? While unconventional, this method can get to the nitty-gritty of your personality, finding the best style for you. Of course, your rising and moon signs also play significant roles in who you are, but your sun sign still serves as a great baseline for figuring out what clicks. Whether you've been thinking about a drastic change for a while, or something in the stars just piqued your interest, this guide will help you find out your perfect, astrology-approved hairstyle

First off, we have Aquarius, the first sign of the year and the true humanitarians of the bunch. Fiercely independent and intellectual, this sign will find themselves knee-deep in advocacy, envisioning a whole new world (via So what hairstyle is best for Aquarians? This sign won't have too much time for something fussy, and need their hair out of their face to get to the work at hand — or get really into a stimulating conversation. A messy ponytail will work great, and can be one-and-done in just about a minute.

Next, Pisces — gentle, intuitive, super-artsy water signs that feel best alone in their room drawing, making music, or writing poetry. This delicate sign will love soft, romantic waves, even better with a few of-the-moment braids.

Every sign's best hairstyle

Aries are a wild shift away from Pisces, and are known as the life of the party — the movers and shakers of the zodiac (via Allure). This sign is ambitious, and will headbutt anyone that gets in the way of their dreams (they aren't called the rams for nothing!). Youthful, moody, a bit short-tempered, Aries are most comfortable with other people, as long as they're leading the pack. This sign will look great in fun, messy pigtail buns, a style that will take them from the club to their favorite spot on the couch for unwinding. 

Taurus are the epitome of earth signs, interested in feeling the tangible world around them through cooking, gardening, making art, or falling in love (via Experts in working with their hands through pottery or even knitting, this sign will gravitate toward a side fishtail braid, which will get their hair out of their face while giving off a natural, bohemian vibe.

Ah, Gemini, the indecisive-yet-sweet sign of the zodiac. This sign is known for being supremely gentle, communicative, and fun, yet can suddenly shift into feeling more serious, curious, or even anxious. Since they can't really make up their minds, Geminis should go for a half-up, half-down look that is party-ready, yet casual enough for retreating back home earlier than expected.

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Next up, we have Cancers, right smack-dab in the middle of the zodiac calendar. The homebodies of the bunch, Cancers will nix a grand party or get-together for pajama time on the couch with their loved ones — it's that simple. Natural caretakers, this sign is all about cooking a meal, baking some treats, or even doing some knitting for friends and family. Even then, this sign can still be deeply emotional and moody due to their big-time sensitive streak (via Cancers should try a messy bun with front tendrils: that's the perfect look for time spent at home — extra points for a few cute butterfly clips. 

Next, on the other side of the personality spectrum we have boisterous, strong Leo, the lion of astrology that is deeply passionate, vivacious, and loves all eyes on them (via Allure). This sign is cheerful and brave, is drawn to the luxe life, and can be just a bit arrogant if not careful. For Leos, big, voluminous curls work best, giving them the attention they crave while still being fun and approachable.

Virgos are known for their practicality and rationality, the perfectionists of the zodiac that won't stop working until they have reached an impossible ideal. Sometimes overly judgmental (especially with themselves), but also admirably hardworking and organized, this sign will love a slicked-back ponytail with a section of hair wrapped around the scrunchie. Perfect!

Zodiac-approved styles

Libras are known to crave balance, with a gracious personality that recalls another time (via Indecisive-yet-gentle, this sign is known to have an artistic streak and love beauty in all its forms. A sensitive air sign with a hint of nostalgia, Libras should go for soft-styled waves with curtain bangs — just a bit of mystery is key here. Scorpios, meanwhile, are all about power, asserting themselves in the world with ambition, bravery, and all the passion. That being said, when they are conflictive, it's for a reason — this water sign is the most intuitive of the whole zodiac (via Allure). Focused more on the inner self, Scorpios won't want to spend too much time on their appearance — so, go for down-the-middle, natural hair with a pinned-back braid on each side to keep hair out of your face.

Sagittariuses are born philosophers, finding comfort in deep thought about the world around them, or having heated conversations about the meaning of life. Fiery yet funny, this sign loves freedom and saying what's on their mind. Otherwise known as the zodiac's rebels, this sign is drawn to unique hairstyles like a short pixie cut, just like famous Sagittarius Miley Cyrus. Lastly, Capricorns complete our astrology wheel, famous for their incessant discipline and responsibility, as well as their money-mindedness. Serious and realistic, this sign also has an emotional side, they just don't always show it (via Allure). For Capricorns, stick-straight hair down-the-middle is perfectly-sleek, trendy, and just right.