Why Twitter Is In A Frenzy Over Halsey's Upcoming Album

Singer-songwriter Halsey, first burst onto the pop scene in 2015 when they released their debut studio album "Badlands" (via Spotify). The 11-track record features many hits including "Castle," "Colors," and "Ghost." 

In 2017, the star dropped "hopeless fountain kingdom" which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Three years later, Halsey's career soared to new heights when they released their vulnerable and relatable third album "Manic"(via Discogs). Fans of the broody album were looking forward to the opportunity to watch the New Jersey native perform their greatest hits live. Unfortunately, Halsey had to postpone the Manic tour because of the COVID-19 pandemic for "health and safety" reasons (via Twitter).

While this announcement left Halsey fans understandably upset, the expecting singer's latest announcement might be able to brighten their moods. Halsey shared a video of a billboard to her Instagram account revealing that their fourth album is on the way. The black billboard features the album's title "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power" and one more piece of exciting news.

Halsey's album is being produced by rock royalty

Halsey's upcoming fourth album will be produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (via Pitchfork). The Nine Inch Nails members are also the geniuses behind the score for Pixar's "Soul," which won Best Original Score at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. 

The powerhouse duo also worked on the score of "Watchmen" and "The Social Network" as well as earned producer credits on music for Marilyn Manson, Saul Williams, and Lil Nas X (via Variety). Halsey fans are beyond excited about the singer's new album.

One Twitter user wrote, "Hi i just open twitter and halsey announced a new album, life is good today." Another added, "Halsey announcing a new album has cured my depression." Many fans expressed how excited they are for Halsey to collaborate with Reznor and Ross. 

One Twitter user expressed, "If Halsey's new album does in fact have a punk rock vibe I'm gonna be yelling about it for some time because omg I'VE WANTED THIS." It's clear by the influx of reactions to the subtle album announcement that Halsey fans are anxious to hear what the trio's been working on.