The Surprising Compliment Joy Behar Just Gave Meghan McCain

On the July 1 episode of "The View" panelist Meghan McCain revealed that she will leave the show at the end of the month (via USA Today). McCain explained that after spending four years on the series, she is ready to relocate to Washington D.C. to spend more time with her husband and newborn. 

She stated, "I am just going to rip the Band-Aid off. I'm here to tell all of you, my wonderful co-hosts and the viewers at home that this is going to be my last season here at 'The View.'" The conservative columnist added, "I'm just eternally grateful to have had this opportunity here so, seriously, thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart."

Following her announcement, Whoopi Goldberg said it was "wonderful" working with McCain, while ABC News said in a statement, "We wish the best for Meghan as she plans her next chapter, and thank her for the passion and unique voice that she shared with us and our viewers each day" (via CNN). Surprisingly even Joy Behar, McCain's frequent verbal sparring partner, shared a few nice words about her co-host.

Joy sees Meghan as a "formidable opponent"

After Meghan McCain revealed her tenure on "The View" was drawing to a close, co-host Joy Behar reflected on her special relationship with McCain (via People). 

Behar said, "You and I have had our disagreements, we've had our fights, we also had some drinking moments which were rather fun and interesting." She continued, "I have to say that what we have in common — as do all of us here — is that we're on a show where we stick our necks out, we take the blowback. We take a lot of hits on this show and we stick to our points of view. You have done that brilliantly for four years."

Aside from complementing McCain's ability to stay true to herself and handle whatever controversy is thrown her way, Behar also revealed that she appreciated her frequent battles with the Republican. Behar concluded, "I really, really appreciated the fact that you were a formidable opponent in many ways, and that you spoke your mind — and you're no snowflake, missy."