Megyn Kelly Just Announced A Huge New Deal For Her Podcast

Following her rise to stardom as an anchor on Fox News, Megyn Kelly has taken her podcast to new heights. Kelly stepped away from the political spotlight following the cancellation of her NBC talk show in 2017. Her return to the spotlight began with "The Megyn Kelly Show" podcast that debuted last year at number one on iTunes, People notes. Now, she's signed a deal with Sirius to take on the news on a daily basis.

The 50-year-old mother of three divulged the details behind the deal to the outlet, "My deal with Sirius is, I can talk about whatever I want. I touch third rails for a living, by design. I'm not built that way: to avoid these things. I want the fight. I enjoy discussion, fierce discussion and debate. I can't imagine giving that up again."

Kelly previously released three podcast episodes each week under her own company, Devil May Care Media; now, after partnering with Sirius, the show will air every weekday. Plus, she will retain ownership of her brand and interview whomever she chooses.

"I'm one of the only journalists, as opposed to pundits, creating a big space in podcasting. And that's unusual. I'm putting in all the time I would for a TV show here. I don't just read twitter. I have a team of fact checkers," she explained.

Megyn Kelly confirmed the news on Twitter

Kelly fans can listen to her new show in September on channel 111 on Sirius radio between noon and 2 PM Eastern time, Yahoo reports. To confirm the change, the podcast host retweeted the Hollywood Reporter with a caption of her own, "Happy to announce our show (already one of the top podcasts in the USA after 9 mos) is expanding its reach — partnering w/SiriusXM (a great team!) in a live, 2-hour show, going 5 days/wk & adding video too. Starts in September. Thank you to our listeners!"

In addition to two hours of air time per day, the production company will also offer video content to the show's subscribers, as many big name podcasters have done. Subscribers will also have the option to submit questions and provide commentary, the outlet notes. "My team and I have been grateful to see our show, in less than a year, become one of the most successful podcasts in America — proving that there is a thirst for open, honest and more meaningful conversations about current events," her official statement reads.

"I can't think of a better partner to help us expand that reach even further than a blue-chip brand like SiriusXM, which has always been a leader in predicting market trends and is perfectly positioned for the evolving manner in which Americans consume their news."

Kelly's new podcast provides a different type of programming than her original newscasting, allowing her to dive deeper into her segments and interviews. Fans of the show will likely hear some high-profile interviews alongside thorough commentary.