How To Switch To A Zero-Waste Beauty Routine

Did you know that the beauty industry is one of the worst culprits for plastic pollution on the planet? According to AnOther, each year the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of plastic packaging, which either end up in landfills or the ocean. According to Greenpeace, 12.7 million tons of plastic make it into the sea every year. While those statistics are shocking, the good news is that you can take steps to reduce the amount of waste that your beauty routine produces and consider taking a zero — or low — waste approach.

As per Into The Gloss, the concept of taking a completely zero-waste approach when it comes to your beauty regimen can feel a little overwhelming. However, switching to a zero-waste routine doesn't have to mean making an overnight change. It's fine if it's a slow process.

Lauren Singer, from Package Free Shop, chose to swap to a zero-waste beauty routine a number of years ago. She explains that "Change can't happen overnight, as much as we all want it to" and suggests looking for product swaps that are effective and affordable.

Tips for switching to a zero-waste beauty routine

According to Marie Claire, the first step in making your beauty routine less wasteful is to assess the products you already have. Don't throw anything out in a bid to become greener. Instead, use what you have first, and then make more eco-conscious choices going forward. As per Into The Gloss, Lauren Singer suggests making your own products where possible, explaining that most basic beauty ingredients are easy to source. By opting to buy raw ingredients and creating your own items, you can reduce waste and take a more eco-friendly approach to your beauty routine.

Another recommendation from Singer is to switch to using reusable cotton rounds instead of single-use makeup wipes or cotton balls. She explains that "You use reusable cotton rounds exactly how you would use the disposable kind, but instead of throwing them out, you just wash them with your laundry."

Outlet AnOther recommends consumers "embrace the bar" and use solid beauty products as an eco-friendly alternative. Solid beauty products extend beyond a basic bar of soap, as there are various beauty products available in solid form, from shampoo and conditioning bars to facial cleansing bars and solid perfumes.

According to Into The Gloss, where possible, it's worth looking into refillable makeup products, to prevent product empties ending up in landfills later on.