What The Shape Of Your Nails Says About You

Much like fashion and makeup trends, nail styles — both the shape of our nails and the styles we paint on them — have changed over time. Color nail polish, for example, wasn't invented until the 1920s. According to Nail Superstore, makeup artist Michelle Menard created the beauty product after being inspired by the glossy paint used on cars.

In the 1930s and 1940s, almond shaped nails were all the rage, and bright red polish was the standard, per Allure. Movie stars like Rita Hayworth were famous for their long, red nails and set the trend for women everywhere. In 1955, acrylic nails were invented and the squoval shape — a rounded square — took off in popularity.

In the 1960s, square nails were the most popular shape and many women preferred neutral shades like soft gold and peach. The '70s saw the dawn of the French manicure, neon polish on long nails ruled the '80s, and the '90s gave rise to super long nails and bold nail art (via Allure).

Today, there are many ways to do your nails. From acrylics to natural, from minimalist designs to maximalist art, from long nails to short, the way you do your nails can say a lot about your style, as well as your personality.

The shape of your nails reflect your personality

Many celebrity manicurists and nail gurus have maintained that the shape and style of your nails reveal a lot about your personality and preference (via LeSalon). For example, if you prefer to wear your nails in an oval shape, you favor the classics. You're probably a classy, elegant person with a soft side. As InStyle puts it, oval nails equal "sophistication."

Square nails are simple and neat, much like the person who chooses them. You tend to like things to be organized and well-planned (via LeSalon). For those who like something in between — a squoval shape (or square/oval) — you're probably polite, yet assertive. You are an ambitious person who knows how to get things done (per InStyle). People with almond-shaped nails, meanwhile, tend to be lovers of all things vintage with a fun and feminine personality. Little Things adds that those who choose almond-shaped nails are typically dependable.

Coffin-shaped nails are usually found on the fingers of people who are trendy, elegant, and fashion-forward. And long, pointed stiletto nails often mean the wearer is bold, brave, exciting, and not afraid to try new things (via LeSalon).