The Truth About April Ross' Marriage To Bradley Keenan

Shared passions go a long way towards keeping a relationship alive and professional athletes may know that better than anyone. When your livelihood depends on staying fit and active, structuring your life around intense training and competition schedules can be a bit tricky to explain to a partner. But maybe being an athlete married to an athlete makes it all a bit easier, as such is the case with April Ross and Bradley Keenan, according to Heavy.

In case you're out of the loop, Ross is an Olympic volleyball player and Keenan was quite the volleyball star in his own right. After a successful career as a professional beach volleyball player, Keenan went on to coach the sport for colleges. As fans of the couple may know, the pair have been married since 2010, per Heavy, and are still going strong as of writing.

After three years of dating, the couple wed in 2010. Ross describes their wedding day as "one of the funniest nights of my life," according to an interview with NBC Olympics, via Heavy. After the special ceremony, Ross went on to jump in a swimming pool before even changing out of her wedding dress. The couple played on many of the same tours after Keenan made his professional volleyball debut in 2006. Their shared love for the sport likely went a long way towards solidifying their bond. b

April and Bradley are each other's biggest cheerleaders

Since retiring from playing, Bradley Keenan has gone on to become April Ross' biggest cheerleader. He has spoken about his experience watching her play volleyball and it's beyond sweet. In 2014, when a reporter asked if he get nervous watching his wife play, he told the Orange County Register that he doesn't have any reason to worry about her skills. "I don't get nervous," he admitted. "I was pretty nervous at the Olympics. But I don't know. I don't really get nervous when I'm watching her. She always just plays well. She's not in too many situations that would make me nervous."

For her part, Ross also enjoys watching Keenan coach. She told AZ Central that the players are lucky to have him. "They'll find he is very to the point," she explained. "He doesn't necessarily sugar coat things, but usually everything he says is right on. For me, it's about not getting defensive and accepting what he has to say and working on it. He'll create a culture that's fun and inclusive, where everyone feels accepted and part of the team and there is a lot of mutual respect."

Along with shared interests, a shared sense of admiration for one another also seems to be an underlying strength to their relationship. That support will certainly serve Ross well as she goes on to compete in the summer Olympics.