The Face Cream That Tracee Ellis Ross Swears By

Hollywood is notoriously unfair when it comes to women ageing, so it's comforting to see gorgeous actresses such as Tracee Ellis Ross not just embracing growing older — and grabbing plenty of high-profile roles in the process — but opening up about the realities of their changing beauty routines too. The breakout star of "Girlfriends," "Black-ish," and "The High Note" — among others (via IMDb) — has great genes, given her mother is none other than legendary singer Diana Ross. Still, maintenance is key.

Tracee Ellis Ross keeps it simple, reasoning that less is more as skin ages. In fact, she told Marie Claire, "I feel the most beautiful with clean and hydrated skin, clean hair, and no makeup." Particularly as she gets older, the stunning star is focused on the essentials, such as ensuring she drinks plenty of water throughout the day. However, the "Black-ish" fan favorite has at least one must-have luxury product up her sleeve that makes all the difference. Even when she's wearing nothing else, you can bet Ross applies this. 

This luxury product keeps Tracee Ellis Ross looking radiant

According to Who What Wear, actress Tracee Ellis Ross swears by go-to celebrity luxury brand Retrouvé to keep her skin looking luminous no matter the occasion. Their Dynamic Nourishing face cream, which retails for around $250, is reportedly loaded with "nourishing, skin-protecting ingredients vitamin C, E, and B5." Ross makes sure to focus on applying the wondrous concoction to her neck, in particular, which many women will already recognize as a key area to tackle when it comes to ageing. Aside from all-important moisturizers, Ross rates getting enough sleep as "the key to great skin." 

She explained to Women's Health that eight hours is her ideal, but otherwise, as Ross has made clear elsewhere, drinking as much water as possible makes all the difference. "Hydration on the inside and outside are the key to making sure you have glowing skin," the "Mixed-ish" star opined. Ross also admitted she's not hugely into foundation, or even concealer, preferring to let her natural skin shine through. The actress revealed, "Wearing ... all of that ages me. It gets stuck in the creases of my skin." Luckily, Ross consistently shines through from within thanks to good sleep, plenty of water, and her high-end face cream.