You Don't Have To Clean These Common Household Items As Often As You Think

Unless you're a regular Monica Gellar, cleaning likely doesn't top your list of favorite things to do. While necessary, cleaning also doesn't have to take up tons of time from your life. There are a few places in your home that you may be spending too much time sanitizing that you can take off your list.

For instance, your bedspread doesn't need a monthly wash, according to The Spruce. Especially since these blankets can be difficult to fit into the washer and maintain their shape, it's best to wash them after each season. The outlet also suggests heading to a laundromat if your machine isn't big enough to effectively clean larger items such as your comforter. The same is true for your clothes — you can wear most of your items twice, so you don't need to wash them all the time, the outlet explains. While underwear and anything that touches your body directly should go through a cycle, most of your clothes can go back into their drawer or on a hanger after you wear them.

Plus, cleaning your oven need not take up too much time! The outlet suggests only deep cleaning your appliance a few times each year, with spot-cleaning and touch-ups taking place as needed. Rather than scrubbing away every Sunday, reserve your full oven clean for special occasions and before you host a dinner party.

Your pantry doesn't need a cleanse every week

As for more permission slips for items to clean less often, your pantry also tops the list. Martha Stewart notes that, because pantry items tend to last longer since most of them are non-perishable items, you don't need to peruse them every week. Take note of any snacks that you haven't eaten, but pasta, rice and flour don't need constant checking. Your fridge, on the other hand, requires a run-through each week to see what's still edible.

Moving from your kitchen, the next stop is your furniture. Instead of polishing the sheen off of your items, simply dust them off every week or so to avoid build-up, the outlet recommends. Too much furniture polish can add to the wear and tear on your pieces — something you want to slow at all costs. Slipcovers and other couch-protecting items need only be washed twice a year as well.

Lastly, dusting most surfaces doesn't need to be a weekly occurrence. The Spruce suggests wiping your ceiling fans down only once a month and following suit with other areas of your house. So, give your duster a break and take a load off!