The One Skincare Product That Vanessa Hudgens Can't Live Without

Back in 2019, actress Vanessa Hudgens divulged her super-involved, 10-step beauty routine to Shape, admitting, "Turning 30, I've realized that I don't have the skin that I had when I was 18." The "High School Musical" breakout elaborated, "I love the natural route. I want to hold off on Botox and fillers until I really, really, really need it." As a result, Hudgens understandably puts a considerable amount of time, effort, and money into keeping her face in tip-top condition. 

Just a couple years later, the actress joined forces with rising pop star Madison Beer to launch skincare brand Know Beauty. Hudgens told Elle she'd only discovered her skin was sensitive following a DNA test from her new buddy. Their company, then, was formed to help others figure out and tackle their own skin-based issues. When it comes to Hudgens' own top product picks, meanwhile, she's got a few. However, there's one in particular the actress can't live without.

Vanessa Hudgens is a mask fanatic

During a chat with Byrdie all about their new line, Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer chose their favorite Know Beauty products. For the "High School Musical" star, there was a clear standout choice. The Bubbling Oxygen Mask, which retails for $30 from their site, was her No. 1 pick. As Hudgens explained, "I'm a big fan of masks, and this one comes in an airtight, sealed package, so when you apply it, it foams up and re-energizes your skin. So it's really great for clearing your face and giving it that hydration boost." The actress also reiterated her biggest skincare concern is "preservation," because the better care she takes of it now, the better it'll look as the gorgeous star ages.

Elsewhere, the actress shared with The Cut that she's a major sunscreen proponent, with Hudgens confirming she always slicks some on before venturing outside. "I think that when we're young and we're carefree about it ... we don't really think twice about the fact that the sun can be damaging to our skin," Hudgens opined. Likewise, while chatting to Yahoo Life, the "Princess Switch" star revealed that she cleanses her skin three times to ensure it's clean, noting, "after a long day of filming, the amount of makeup that is on my face is somewhat disgusting" (via YouTube). It might be slightly intense, but clearly Hudgens' approach to skincare is working, since she looks better than ever before.