The Face Cleanser Simone Biles Can't Live Without

Any workout queen worth her salt knows cleaning your face after a sweat sesh is imperative to prevent breakouts. But what happens when sweating is your job? Olympian gymnast Simone Biles is known for her awe-inspiring routines just as much as her fashion and beauty looks, from a bedazzled leotard proclaiming Biles as the literal GOAT, to one of the most attention-grabbing eyeliner trends of recent years. Judging by her no makeup selfies on Instagram, Biles knows her stuff.

As the five-time Olympic gold medalist told The Zoe Report, Biles starts and ends each day by washing her face regardless of how intense her schedule might be. "As soon as I get up, I wash my face, do some skin care," she shared, ensuring her skin is "refreshed, glowing, and ready for practice." The gymnast is similarly dedicated to her beauty routine as her work on the mat, beam, and vault. 

When it comes to cleansing thoroughly, Biles has a go-to product that makes her skin glow.

Simone Biles swears by this luxuriously creamy cleanser

In an expansive video for Vogue, Olympian athlete Simone Biles opened up about her intense skincare routine, which revolves around a trio of SK-II products, of whom, as The Zoe Report notes, she is a proud partner. Biles shouted out their luxurious Facial Treatment Cleanser, which retails for $75 online, Pitera Facial Treatment sheet mask, which is loaded with vitamins and will set you back $95 — the athlete glides over it with a jade roller, for extra stimulation — and the all-important exfoliating Pitera essence ($185 from Sephora). "This is the key, and this is all you need," Biles opined of the importance of jade rolling your skin alongside everything else. 

Afterward, as she told The Zoe Report, "I do the [Skin Power] cream because I love massaging that into my face. It relaxes me." You can pick up a pot yourself for $235 online

It's a pricey routine for sure, but evidently, the five-time gold medal winner believes investing in her skin is worth it, particularly when she's competing on the biggest stage in the world, in front of numerous cameras. Sadly, because Biles is so busy, she rarely has the time to indulge more in her skincare or even spa sessions. As a result, the talented gymnast relishes the opportunity to take extra care of her face with her morning and evening routine. Clearly, it's paying major dividends.