Here's What People Are Really Saying About Netflix's Sexy Beasts

Netflix is adding to its selection of unconventional dating shows. The streaming service recently announced its latest project titled "Sexy Beasts." The series will feature singles who are looking to date and get to know someone without the distraction of their looks, per New York Times. This means that the contestants will be disguised in elaborate makeup as they mingle in hopes of finding love.

"The sheer amount of prosthetics that weren't used on that show — that were fully made — was heartbreaking," Kristyan Mallett, the prosthetic makeup designer whose company, KM Effects, did the makeup for the contestants admitted.

According to Newsweek, the series will feature one person choosing between a possible three love interests in each episode. Once the person has met and had a date with all three contestants they will choose the one whom they believed had the best chemistry with. After the person has been chosen, the person will get to see the identity of all of the contestants when the makeup comes off and all of their real faces are revealed. "It's so ridiculous you can't take your eyes off of it. It's like 'I can't believe they've made a show like this.' I remember when we made it years ago it was silly but you couldn't stop watching it. It was just fun. That's basically what this is about, it's just fun," Mallett told the outlet.

Now that the series is getting ready to drop on Netflix, what are people saying about "Sexy Beasts?"

Fans are divided about Sexy Beasts

Netflix's quirky new show "Sexy Beasts" is set to premiere six episodes on Netflix on July 21. The series will feature comedian Rob Delaney as the show's host, and he's sure to have plenty of comments about the wild and wacky dating series, per Variety. Of course, he's not the only one who has something to say about the show. Fans have already started sharing their thoughts about the series via social media, and they seem a bit divided with their opinions.

Some fans seemed very excited about watching the new series. "This Looks Amazing. How can I Sign up for an episode? Because this looks like it could be fun & it looks so seriously Awesome," one Twitter user stated. "I'm going 2 watch this. Can't wait," another admitted. "I dunno what everyone's fussing about, I think this'll be pretty alright. It's a good break from the regular dating shows," a third person commented.

Of course, others were very critical of the series. "What was wrong with dating in the dark? This is bizarre. Too bizarre," one Netflix user wrote. "You cancel good shows, and then .. make this. lol. How did this even get past the initial pitch meeting??" another commented. "Just think about the sheer amount of bad decisions that led to... whatever this is," another social media user quipped. Although fans seem to disagree about "Sexy Beasts," it looks like time will tell if Netflix's latest attempt at reality dating will be a hit or a flop.