The Truth About Dennis Jauch, Leona Lewis' Husband

The "Bleeding Love" hitmaker Leona Lewis is best known for her powerhouse vocals. Off-stage, she prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. However, the singer's relationship with her husband Dennis Jauch managed to make some headlines over the years. What all is there to know about the singer's other half? 


According to The Sun, Jauch is a German-born choreographer, creative director, and dancer. He began perfecting his craft at a young age and learned to perform at a dance school run by his parents. After years of success working as a professional dancer, Jaunch went on to star in the German version of the hit reality-competition series "So You Think You Can Dance." Following his winning appearance on the show, Dennis went on to work for the likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue, and Pitbull.

According to The Mirror, he first met Leona back in 2010 while serving as a backup dancer on her "The Labyrinth" tour, and he then went on to star in the music video for her holiday hit "One More Sleep." Rumors of a romance between the pair began to emerge when the singer split from her longtime boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, with whom she had been in a relationship for eight years.


Eventually, Jauch and Lewis officially began dating. Although the pair briefly split in 2012, they reunited just a few months later. According to People, they became engaged in 2018 on their eighth anniversary.

The couple tied the knot during a beautiful Italian wedding

To announce her engagement, Leona Lewis tagged her husband-to-be in an Instagram post that read, "I can't wait to be your wife. Eeek wife! What?! Argh! Hahaha I still can't believe it. I dreamed you up and you came true. The most caring, kindhearted and inspiring person I've had the privilege to know. Now let's go have a big ol' partyyyyy" (via The Mirror). In his own Instagram statement regarding the pair's engagement, Jauch said, "It's been the most beautiful 8 years of my life with this incredible human being. Here's to many more beautiful memories."


According to Hello!, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful Italian wedding ceremony in July of 2019. During the wedding — which was held at a 16th-century estate in Tuscany — the ceremony was forced to move inside due to an electrical storm. Speaking to the publication on their one-year anniversary, the pair shared their belief that the massive storm was a sign from Dennis' late father Lutz, who had passed away just a few weeks before the wedding. 

Since then, Lewis and Jauch have been living out their happily ever after in California, where they currently reside.