Will The Queen Take Back Meghan And Harry's Invitation To This Major Royal Event?

Following the bombshell news that Prince Harry is set to release a tell-all book in 2022, rumors have begun to circulate that the queen is planning to take back the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's invitation for a major royal event.

According to the Daily Mail, Buckingham Palace insiders explained that there is growing anger within the royal sphere directed at Prince Harry, and news of the book he has been secretly working on with journalist and novelist, J.R. Moehringer, could see both Harry and Meghan lose out on an invitation to Her Majesty's forthcoming Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 — an event that aims to celebrate the queen's 70 years on the throne.

"Her Majesty has been at great pains to try to keep her relationship with her grandson and his family separate from the decisions she needs to make professionally, so to speak. And the invitation for them to join her next year was a genuine one," a royal source revealed, adding, "there was a small, but enduring hope that enough time would have elapsed for things to heal. But the feeling internally [now] is that this book will be the last straw."

Will the Queen actually disinvite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

According to Express, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson directly addressed the speculation surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan's Platinum Jubilee invitation, simply stating, "We're just not going to get into that. We're not going to speculate."

Despite the Palace's brief statement, royal insiders insist that the Duke of Sussex's upcoming book is being viewed as "deeply disrespectful" by senior members of the royal family. "There will be a whole year of celebrations ... yet it will now be characterized by a drip-feed of revelations, serializations and, eventually, publication," another source revealed to the Daily Mail

The queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations are set to begin February 2022 and run right through to the summertime, culminating in a double bank holiday weekend in June and a string of large-scale events in the city of London. 

As for the controversial book, Prince Harry reportedly received a whopping £14.7million (approximately $20.1 million) in an advance for the hotly-anticipated release, and the book is set to contain a "wholly truthful and accurate" account of the Duke's life.