Here's How You Should Be Storing Your Bath Bombs

After a long day of work, there's nothing more relaxing or tranquil than slowly sinking into your tub. Of course, the only thing more relaxing than a standard bath is a tub of water with a bath bomb fizzing in it. As per Byrdie, bath bombs have become increasingly popular, particularly since Instagram went mad for them, with Instagrammers and celebs showing off their favorite bath bombs on their feeds.

According to Byrdie, some of the best bath bombs come from Lush. Their "Twilight" bath bomb offers the perfect balance of lavender oil and tonka, designed to aid relaxation, and the "Intergalactic" bath bomb is packed full of peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and popping candy, not to mention tons and tons of biodegradable, plastic-free glitter.

Bath bombs might be exceedingly popular and a bathroom must-have, but one issue with these colorful, scented balls of fizz is storing them. If you don't store your bath bombs correctly, you can end up with melted, faded bath bombs that do little to aid your bath time relaxation.

What are the best ways to store bath bombs at home?

According to Lifehacker, bath bombs offer two key functions — these are to look gorgeous and offer amazing scents, as well as to create amazing designs and "psychedelic-looking" water in your bathtub. As per Cosmopolitan, if you're somewhat of a bath bomb addict, then you will know how tricky it can be to store all of your favorite bath bombs. Instead of letting your bombs stack up on your windowsill and discolor over time, storing them properly is important.

Cosmopolitan suggested using a bath bomb storage tray, available from stores like Lush. The Lush trays are "made from recycled materials" and are also biodegradable and reusable, so it's a win-win-win. The best method for storing bath bombs is keeping them in a cool, dry place. Keeping them away from moisture is the most important thing, as moisture can cause bath bombs to react, fizz, and ultimately start to disintegrate before you even get a chance to use them. If you opt to make your own bath bombs, make sure to avoid some common mistakes, and you'll be good to go!