How To Remove Hair Dye Quickly And Naturally

Are you someone who enjoys experimenting with hair different colors? Whether you opt for subtle root touch-ups, all-over natural shades, or full-on rainbow streaks, you're not alone. In fact, data from Statista shows that "1.06 million Americans used hair coloring products 14 times or more in 2020." With that many people messing with their hair, there's bound to be a great deal of mistakes — like, suddenly-delving-into-the-hair-scarf-trend mistakes.

Many people who find themselves in this mortifying situation head to the closest pharmacy to pick up some expensive product that claims it can strip the dye away in a matter of minutes. The thing is, many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can cause further damage to your hair. According to Softer Hair, some brands — such as L'Oréal Effasol Color Remover, Wella Color Charm Color Remover, and Redbook Color Changer — even contain bleach in their formula, while others contain ammonia.

Here's the good news, though. There are natural, quick, and cheap ways to remove that unwanted dye from your hair, too. Read on if you want to find out how to get back to your normal shade without spending a fortune or ruining your locks.

Odds are, your pantry already contains everything you need

Bellatory provided three different ways to fade or remove hair dye at home. And the best part is, you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry at this very moment, so you don't even have to risk seeing someone you know in public in this state.

The first method involves mixing baking soda and shampoo. While Bellatory claimed that dandruff shampoo is the most effective, others swear by clarifying shampoo. All you have to do is mix equal parts of each ingredient and lather the solution into your hair. After it's sat there for several minutes, rinse the solution out using hot water. Depending on how permanent your dye is, you may have to repeat this process a couple days in a row.

For the second method, mix vitamin C tablets and a small amount of hot water to form a paste. After applying it to the dyed portions of your hair, leave the paste on for an hour before rinsing it out. For optimal results, use this method within a few days of getting your hair dyed, as it won't be as effective beyond that time frame.

Lastly, you can try mixing a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water and covering your head with it. You'll have to give the solution 15 to 20 minutes to work its magic, and Bellatory suggested putting on shower cap while you wait. Afterward, all you need to do is rinse your hair with water, and voila! You can finally stop avoiding all mirrors.