Who Is FBoy Island's Matt Chamberlin?

While reality dating show fans traditionally turn to long-running classics like "The Bachelor," "Love Island," and "Married at First Sight," this summer the true aficionados have a wide selection to choose from. Following on the heels of instant successes "Too Hot To Handle" and "Love Is Blind," streaming service HBO Max is set to release its own dating competition series (via Women's Health). 


"FBoy Island" follows three single women as they search for a "Nice Guy" in a sea of self-proclaimed "FBoys" to forge a romantic connection with. Comedian Nikki Glaser is set to host the series, which will reveal the identities of the true "Nice Guys" by the finale.

The show is poised to be a hit, and fans are scrambling to learn everything they can about the 24 male contestants. Luckily, the majority of the cast has public Instagram accounts, which offer some clues into whether they are "FBoys" are "Nice Guys."

Matt Chamberlain is one to watch on FBoy Island

One of the contestants on the premiere season of "FBoy Island" with the largest social media followings is Matt Chamberlin (via Women's Health). Chamberlin currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and has nearly 17,000 Instagram followers. The Army National Guardsman and home renovation salesman loves to post photos of his party lifestyle online. Many of his Instagram posts feature photos of the 22-year-old drinking, at clubs, and taking trips with his friends.


To balance out his love for partying, Chamberlin appears to work out very often. His feed is filled with many pictures of the "FBoy Island" contestant shirtless and flexing his biceps at the gym. His love of selfies, late nights at the club, and gym thirst traps do suggest Chamberlin may be one of the biggest "FBoys" on this season.

 However, we won't know for sure until we get to see the influencer in action after the premiere of "FBoy Island."