Will Gibby Ever Return To The iCarly Reboot?

Sam Puckett is not the only memorable character missing from the new "iCarly" reboot streaming on Paramount +. The show is also missing Gibby, the annoying frenemy that every sitcom crew needs to have. Some might even describe him as the teen scene's version of "Seinfeld's" Newman — always getting himself into absurd situations while driving the lead players crazy.

The new "iCarly" finds Carly and Freddie as adults, with Carly deciding to revive her old web show. Rather than having Sam along for the ride, played by Jennette McCurdy, who opted not to return to the show, Miranda Cosgrove's Carly now has a roommate. And of course, her brother, Jerry Trainor's Spencer, is there for all the hijinks. The show also doesn't leave out the kids, as Freddie (played by Nathan Kress then and now), has a step-daughter, according to Seventeen. But whatever happened to the thoroughly annoying, yet lovable, Gibby?

Gibby is still a part of iCarly, even if viewers don't see him

Played by Noah Munck for the entire run of the first iteration of "iCarly" that aired on Nickelodeon from 2007 until 2012 (via IMDb), Gibby was the kid who would always try to thwart Carly and her friend's plans while always managing to also come out smelling like a rose. Nobody ever knew what he was up to and Nathan Kress, who played Freddie on the original show and in the reboot, believes that is still part of Gibby's mystique, as he told Entertainment Tonight.

"I don't know ... I think what's great is that's the most Gibby thing right now," Kress said when asked where Gibby is. "Just that question of 'What's Gibby up to? Where is he?'"

Jerry Trainor explained that when they came up with the concept for the reboot, he never imagined any of the supporting players as being anywhere else. They are still a part of the "iCarly" universe, just not on screen. "These characters, they're not gone. They still exist in this world. There is a canon world that exists and you just never know," he said. 

So perhaps Gibby will reappear one day in a potential future season of the new series, because as Bustle reported, Season 2 has been confirmed.