How Leona Lewis Really Feels About Having Children

After eight years together, Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch got engaged in 2018. The couple initially met in 2010 when Jauch was performing as a backing dancer on Lewis' tour. "It's amazing that we were brought together from different sides of the world through both of our passions, music and dance, whilst on tour in the U.K. [together]," she told People.

A year later, the two married in a stunning ceremony that took place at Sting's 16th-century estate in Tuscany. "It was just the most beautiful day, full of love," Lewis told Hello!. "It was so special to be able to bring together everyone we love. There was a lot of tears."

That love is still going incredibly strong, but what's next for Lewis and Jauch? Well, the "Bleeding Love" singer is ready to start a family.

Leona Lewis revealed that she and Dennis Jauch are considering adoption

In an interview with The Telegraph's Stella magazine (via the Daily Mail), Leona Lewis revealed that if it were up to Dennis Jauch, they would have had children "yesterday." Explaining that she does want children, she also mentioned that the couple is thinking about adopting. "My mum grew up in a children's home," she explained. "No one adopted her as a child, and I would very much like to adopt but I'm still figuring things out."

Lewis is very family-orientated and spoke of the difficulties of being away from her family for so long during the coronavirus pandemic. "Covid makes it so hard for families," she explained, referring to her Christmas plans in 2020, "but I just want that lovely day of cooking, singing, relaxing, and being together.

She eventually got the opportunity to travel back to London from California to be with her family, sharing the news in a delightful photo on Instagram. "Smiling on the inside. After 6 months I got to come home and be with my family and friends in London," she captioned the post, which sees her posing on a cobbled street with mask on. "This is the longest time I've been apart from them and to say it's been emotional is an understatement."