Who Is FBoy Island's Chaun Williams?

Looking forward to the launch of HBO Max's new reality show "FBoy Island"? Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, who you might know from "Not Safe with Nikki Glaser" and the rebooted "Blind Date" (via IMDb), and with a cast of numerous good-looking twenty- and thirty-somethings, it looks set to be a real success. 

Essentially, there's a tropical island paradise filled with 24 men, Paul Keating and Chris Gillis among them, twelve of which call themselves "FBoys," while the other twelve call themselves "Nice Guys." Three female contestants then have to work out which of the guys are the "FBoys" and which are "Nice Guys" (via People). Exciting, right? 

Fans, of course, are excited to sort out the "FBoys" from the "Nice Guys" as well, meriting a closer look at the contestants. We'll start with Chaun Williams, a Las Vegas-based image consultant.

Chaun has written an ebook on exercise

One of the older contestants at the age of 35, Chaun Williams is based in the bright lights of Las Vegas, per People, and works as both an image consultant and a Cirque Du Soleil performer — clearly, he's a man of many talents.

He's got two dogs, Wendy and Herman, and enjoys keeping fit, whether cycling or hiking or just simply training. He also likes to go out to dinner, shows and clubs around Vegas, and Facetiming his mom, so he sounds like a real family man at heart. On Instagram, Williams has just over 7,000 followers and has talked a lot about "FBoy Island" on there, so it's probably fair to say he's excited about the new series. He's also got links to his workouts, an Amazon ebook, and even a music video he appears in. 

Clearly, Williams is a pretty busy guy. What more will we find out about him on "FBoy Island"?