Body Language Expert Reveals Steamy Details About Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Relationship - Exclusive

Never let it be said that Jennifer Lopez isn't one to move on quickly once a relationship goes sour. Although she and Alex Rodriguez were the A-list couple who were planning a fairy tale wedding for the ages for two whole years, it seems since their March split she's never once looked back. It's not Lopez's first time around the block, after all –- according to Us Weekly, she's had several serious relationships, not to mention having been married three times before. She's also had one additional two-year engagement, that being to one Ben Affleck. Hmmm, deja vu?

As relationship coach Nicole Moore, creator of the Love Works Method, put it, "A-Rod who? Bennifer is back, baby, and this time the connection is steamier and stronger than ever." She shared her insights into Affleck and Lopez's body language with The List, along with her interpretation of what it says about their relationship.

According to this expert, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren't faking the PDA

One thing that's immediately apparent from any pictures of the (New? Revived? Who knows) couple together, is, as Nicole Moore said, "Ben [Affleck] and Jen[nifer Lopez] can't keep their bodies away from each other." She cited this pic published by Fox News, where the couple are recreating the butt grab scene from her "Jenny from the Block" video. As Moore interpreted it, the photo showed the couple "ma[king] a declaration to the world that there's still so much chemistry between the[m]." She also saw them very much at ease with each other, describing their bodies as "comfortably intertwining" with Lopez's feet wrapped up in Affleck's legs as he got handy with her, umm, assets.

Moore also took a look at a PopSugar gallery of the couple out on a date. The photos showed a lot of hugging, snuggling, hand-holding, and soppy grinning, and Moore said, "From the body language it seems as if this couple may have it all." She went on to describe the twosome as having "an intense physical connection and chemistry backed by trust, a deep bond and a strong desire to be close."

Bennifer 2.0 isn't all about the physical chemistry

Although a video published by Page Six showed Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting hot and heavy in a public place, relationship expert Nicole Moore saw this footage as a demonstration of "the softer side of this steamy couple." In the video, Moore noted that Lopez grabbed her man and pulled him towards her for a kiss, but Moore told The List, "It's what we see after that demonstrates the foundation of Ben and Jen's partnership ... comfort." It seems that as Lopez reached over to touch Affleck's chin, he leaned in towards her and tilted his head so it fit into her hand. Post-smooch, he snuggled his head into her arms and hugged her tight. "Ben's body language here," said Moore, "clearly indicates that the connection between the two is deeper than just physical."

Moore also said that the photos published by Fox News (featuring the yacht butt grab) provide further evidence of how sweet this relationship really is. There's one picture from the same interaction that showed Lopez facing forward, with Affleck behind her smushing his face into her shoulder. In this pic, Moore saw Affleck "leaning fully into JLO with the most comfort," and told The List, "There's no sense of awkwardness or tension between this couple. They've snapped right back into the closeness that led to their engagement years ago and their body language indicates [this]."

Jennifer Lopez may be feeling a new sense of empowerment in her relationship with Ben Affleck

While Jennifer Lopez has never been what you'd call a shrinking violet, relationship expert Nicole Moore said she seems to be feeling particularly empowered in her renewed relationship with Ben Affleck. Moore took a look at the Instagram post that officially showed Bennifer back on after a nearly 20-year hiatus, and saw something interesting. In the pose that featured both Affleck and Lopez together (you may have to scroll through several solo J-Lo bikini shots to get to it), Moore said that while the couple are "locked pelvis to pelvis ... with no space between their bodies as they're kissing," what's especially significant is the fact that Lopez "is standing tall and steady with her arms at her sides and in her sleeves while Ben's body is embracing hers."

Moore called such a stance "the ultimate power pose" for the singer and explained that the body language here is highly symbolic. As she saw it, Lopez's "entire body is open to him and letting him come fully in ... yet she's steady. She's composed. She's standing tall and letting him come to her." Ben, on the other hand, she described as "crinkling his eyes slightly while kissing Jen, a body language tell suggesting real, passionate and heart-felt emotion."

This relationship expert said that Jennifer Lopez trusts Ben Affleck this time around

While Jennifer Lopez may seem like she holds all the cards in the relationship, she's not just playing with Ben Affleck's heart. Relationship expert Nicole Moore revealed that, "One of the biggest tells for body language is where they place their hands ... Hands are often used to signify importance." So what does Lopez value? As Moore pointed out, "Jennifer often places her hand on Ben's chest or close to his heart when they are photographed together, a body language tell indicating trust and deep love."

One photo Moore cited showed Lopez and Affleck at Leah Remini's birthday party (via People). Even though Moore saw Lopez "star[ing] fiercely into the camera," she noted that the actress's "hand is placed firmly over Ben's chest and heart" and said this means "she's subtly indicating here that Ben is hers and has her heart." Yet another photo shot in the Hamptons (via Metro) showed Lopez placing a hand on Affleck's stomach (a location Moore noted is "closer to his heart") and also leaning into him with her eyes closed. As Moore interpreted this for The List, "Their body language in these pictures shows that the couple trusts each other and Jennifer feels very safe relying on Ben and leaning on him." Hmmm, seems like these two crazy middle-aged kids just might make it the second time around!