Here Are Dove Cameron's Beauty Must-Haves

Dove Cameron has found success in both music and acting, making her one of the brightest stars in Hollywood right now. The 25-year-old had 43.4 million Instagram followers to her name and she isn't afraid to get candid with her fans. She often shares snapshots of herself at home, with friends, and reveals how she kicks back and relaxes after a long day. It'd seem that alongside conquering both the music and acting industry, Cameron is pretty passionate about all things beauty. Here are Dove Cameron's beauty must-haves. The "Powerpuff Girls" star embodies the dewy skin, paired-back makeup aesthetic, and has a serious skincare and makeup stash to achieve it.


While many famous faces rely on the expertise of makeup artists to get them looking ready for shoots and filming, Cameron told Vogue that she's pretty used to creating her own looks for work. "I've started doing my own makeup for set a lot more often," she said, "In 'Descendants,' I feel like I did all my own makeup all the time for the second and third films just because I was so particular at that point."

People reported that Cameron has been known for opening her bathroom cabinet so her Instagram followers could see the products she rates. The publication writes that Sun Bum Beach Formula Conditioner, Batiste Dry Shampoo, and St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan all sat on her sink. And she's got more secrets to share.


She's called her skincare 'selective maximalism'

While some people like to use as few products on their face as possible, Dove Cameron adopts another approach. And who can blame her? It's really working. "Skin is a sort of language that I've always spoken. If you're in touch with your skin, you can listen to what it does and doesn't like," she told Glamour, "I feel like I'm lucky because my skin is very combination, but in the way that I would want it to be. It's oily to the point where I'll have a nice glow throughout the day. But it can get dry as well, so I'm always slathering on, like, nine different kinds of oils and moisturizers."


The publication reported that Cameron really rates Shu Uemura oil-based cleanser, Thayer's Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner, and Clarins Double Serum to clean and clear her skin. She also told Vogue that she swears by skin oils to nourish her skin and give her an extra glow.

She said that she's pretty regimented with taking her skincare on jobs and filming. "Every environment that I'm in, my skin changes a lot ... [so I come] prepared for the skin apocalypse," she said. And she revealed that, alongside all of these luxurious products, she tries to get plenty of sleep and drinks lots of water.

Dove Cameron loves a day-to-night look

Whether she's on the red carpet or posting an Instagram with friends, Dove Cameron's makeup look is usually pretty similar. A fan of flushed cheeks, a cat-eye, and dewy finish, this carries through to most of the looks she creates. She told Teen Vogue that, in order to get a natural finish, she usually combines lots of her favorite foundations. She listed Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Longwear Natural Matte Foundation, Bobbi Brown's Under Eye Corrector, and Tarte Shape Tape as some of her favorites.


To get long, thick, lustrous lashes she told Vogue that she uses Milk's Kush Mascara and for a more natural smokey eye, she uses a brown pencil. She finishes her everyday look with a slick of lip gloss and a spritz of setting spray. "I can go anywhere from slight fresh glam to full beat," she told the publication.

Grazia also revealed that, while talking to her followers on Instagram, Cameron unveiled her holy grail product for achieving an effortless, flawless finish. She said that she loves NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, calling it "the holy grail for all dewy looks." She simply applies it with a Beauty Blender which she dampens with a face mist.