Whatever Happened To The Cast Of My Super Sweet 16?

For 10 glorious seasons, MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" proved that, sometimes, money really can buy happiness. Kicking off way back in 2005, the beloved teen show followed spoiled children of filthy rich parents as they planned over-the-top birthday bashes to mark this all-important rite of passage in their young lives. Sometimes, celebrities showed up, and, more often than not, the birthday boy or girl received an expensive car as a gift at the end of it all. But one thing that was nearly guaranteed with each episode? Nuclear meltdowns from the featured kids.

"My Super Sweet 16" was an addictive show, but it's worth noting that, as its title suggests, the participants were very young when MTV cameras were there to capture the best and worst moments of planning their birthday celebrations. In the years since, many of them have dropped out of public life entirely, while the vast majority have normal, everyday jobs. A handful of past participants, though, are now famous in their own right, too, with "Sweet 16" a distant memory. This is where the stars of "My Super Sweet 16" are today, far removed from their teenage stardom.

Natalie Viscuso from My Super Sweet 16 was linked to an A-lister

Natalie Viscuso appeared on the very-first season of "My Super Sweet 16." The California transplant, who'd recently moved from Roswell, New Mexico to fashionable La Jolla, made a big impression (via IMDb). From flying to Las Vegas to find the perfect dress to forbidding freshmen from attending her strictly A-list party, Viscuso was out to prove herself not just to her new high-class friends, but to the people back home who didn't believe the party was even real (via MTV).

According to her LinkedIn page, the former reality star is still working in Hollywood except now she's behind the scenes as the vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment, a job Viscuso has held since 2018. Previously, she worked at the Weinstein Company after attaining a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California. It's likely Viscuso's job is how she met actor — and Superman himself — Henry Cavill, whom the VP was linked to after an April 2021 Instagram post was picked up by the Daily Mail.

Since first appearing on My Super Sweet 16, Cher Hubsher returned to reality TV

Self-described "Mommy's girl" Cher Hubsher made a splash at her party featured on "My Super Sweet 16," thanks to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. The teenager lived in a literal castle, so it wasn't a massive shock when Hubsher's doting parents gifted her a $94,000 cherry-red Jaguar at the end of the night (via MTV). As Screen Rant noted, things haven't changed too much for her since then, with Hubsher and mom Dawn a key part of the TLC reality show "sMothered," which follows mother-daughter duos who are a bit too close for comfort. They even co-wrote a book together, entitled "A Bond That Lasts Forever."

Hubsher is now a mother in her own right, sharing daughter Belle, who was born in 2019, with plastic surgeon husband Jared Gopman. The two reportedly met while attending college in Florida and married soon after they were done with school. Professionally, aside from her stints on reality TV, the former "Sweet 16" star has worked as an actress, cheerleader, life coach, and even a nurse. Although Hubsher's life, particularly her bond with her mom, may seem slightly unorthodox to some, there's no doubting how happy she is focusing on family above all else.

Teyana Taylor is now a star in her own right, years after appearing on My Super Sweet 16

Even by "My Super Sweet 16" standards, Teyana Taylor's party was epic. As Cosmopolitan detailed in a 2016 article, Taylor's party was bursting with iconic moments from the theme — '80s old-school skateboarding — to her big entrance, in which the teenager emerged from a toy-box like a giant Barbie doll. Suffice to say, Taylor hasn't toned it down in the years since. In fact, you might even recognize her from Kanye West's music video for "Fade" (via YouTube). Hell, if nothing else, you definitely remember those abs. 

Looking back on her time as a demanding teen with big dreams for her birthday party, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Taylor admitted she hasn't watched her own episode of "Sweet 16" in years and, more to the point, can't even believe that was her to begin with. Now a committed recording artist, model, and mother, the ambitious young woman we first met on MTV feels like she's "finally getting my just due," opining, "I worked so hard for it, and it's just overwhelming in a good way."

Mary Morrison got serious about her career following her My Super Sweet 16 stint

There were plenty of girly girls on "My Super Sweet 16," but Mary Morrison might just take the cake as the biggest one of all. After arriving to her party in a pink Corvette, the teenager was gifted a horse worth $150,000 by her adoring parents (via InTouch Weekly). Judging by Morrison's Twitter account, which has been slightly neglected at the time of writing, she's still based down south in Nashville, Tennessee, but Morrison looks worlds away from her teenage self in professional photos where she's dressed uncharacteristically all in white. 

Her LinkedIn page, which places Morrison in Florida, fits the one-time reality star's new business-like approach, noting that she obtained her doctorate in philosophy, with a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology, from Walden University, after nabbing her bachelor's degree from Middle Tennessee State University. Her most recent achievement is a project management certification from Cornell University. This emphasis on academics has clearly stood to her as Morrison worked as a project manager for Healthline Media from 2017 to 2019, where she proudly spearheaded "a team of over 150 medical experts and reviewers."

Marissa DuBois rocked out for awhile after My Super Sweet 16

The first word that comes to mind when you think of Marissa DuBois, or Marissa Mishelle as she was known in her "My Super Sweet 16" days, is pink. As Teen Vogue noted, the theme of her party was so sacrosanct it extended to her poor poodles, who were dyed accordingly for the occasion. According to InTouch Weekly, DuBois launched her music career soon after appearing on "My Super Sweet 16" and fronted rock band Defy Tomorrow before branching out on her own as a solo artist. Her Instagram page is mostly a showcase for DuBois' love of singing and musical theater.

She spoke to RockWired in the midst of her headbanging days, having just completed a stint on the legendary Vans Warped Tour, and expressed her lifelong love of performing, admitting, "I think the first time that I was on stage singing, I was five years old and singing in front of five hundred people and ever since then, I think I was hooked." DuBois also has a handful of acting credits on IMDb. As she professed in an encouraging Instagram post, shared in June 2020, her goals change all the time, and there's nothing wrong with switching gears if it feels right to do so. 

After his stint on My Super Sweet 16, Darnell Roy Robinson prioritized music

As dates go, it's hard to get any bigger than Rihanna, but that's exactly who Darnell Roy Robinson brought to his Sweet 16 celebration (via Daily Edge). He also wore a crown and sat on a gold throne, but those were small fry in comparison. Clearly, this kid knew he was destined for greatness and, unsurprisingly, after showcasing his impressive rap skills as a teen on "My Super Sweet 16," Robinson used the intervening time to focus entirely on music. As his Instagram page details, the mini mogul is the president of Sugar Hill Records and CEO of Rich Clique Entertainment. 

Robinson still parties pretty hard, while quipping about "working," though he doesn't appear to do so in an all-white suit these days (a shame). Elsewhere, the intrepid entrepreneur appeared on another reality show, "First Family of Hip Hop," which launched in 2017 and followed the Robinsons as they made their dreams come true (via IMDb). In an interview with The Source, the super-busy star admitted that, back in his "Sweet 16" days, he treated music like a game rather than a job. Nowadays, "I'm a grinder, I never stop," he said.

Nikki Cain learned her lesson after My Super Sweet 16 and keeps her life low-key

Nikki Cain didn't have the easiest time on "My Super Sweet 16," with her Vegas-themed event causing more stress than she anticipated. As the former reality star told Babe in a 2017 interview, producers pushed her to behave more like a brat in front of the cameras, so the experience left a bad taste in her mouth. The party, itself, was a great experience, though, predominantly put together by her father and his staff, but being followed around by MTV cameras 24/7 didn't exactly make it worthwhile to her.

Likewise, the voiceovers she recorded for the show were all scripted, much to Cain's annoyance. In fact, for her 17th birthday, her family simply rented out a club for a much more low-key celebration, the teenager having learned her lesson. Following her stint on reality TV, Cain attended the University of Texas, with plans to start her own real estate business down the line. Her Twitter page doesn't give too much away, although it does confirm Cain is still located in Texas, living in San Antonio at the time of writing.

Alexa Victoria Jane of My Super Sweet 16 fame still has a passion for dance

The bread and butter of "My Super Sweet 16" are the freak-outs — the bigger the better — and Alexa Victoria Jane had one seriously massive meltdown all because of ... centerpieces!? After fighting with her mother to get the fancier, more expensive variety, Jane turned up at the ballroom on the day of her big bash only to discover her mom had gone over her head. Cue a tearful appeal to "Daddy." Despite the teenager's tantrum, neither parent would budge (via YouTube). It was a moment for the ages, bested only by Jane's sexy belly dancing performance, which kicked off the party proper (via Teen Vogue).

The teen was demonstrably talented so it's unsurprising that, in the intervening years, Jane has continued to focus on her dancing prowess. Her Instagram account is filled with stunning shots of Jane at a Miami studio, with one post even suggesting Jane feels compelled to move her body, as the Florida native revealed, "What was once merely a desire to dance is now a full blown, flamboyant NEED." Over on Twitter, meanwhile, the budding entrepreneur lists several jobs, including event designer, digital content manager, and photographer.

Years after My Super Sweet 16, Erin Wright followed in her famous father's footsteps

Several of the "My Super Sweet 16" kids had famous parents, but Erin Wright was in a particularly tough position with hers because Papa was the late Eazy-E, of NWA fame (via IMDb). After appearing on the show, Wright launched her own music career, describing herself on Twitter as a "singer/songwriter." Going by the professional nickname "Ebie," the MTV alum appears to be releasing music pretty regularly while, over on Instagram, she has a whole separate account just for her foodie side gig.

Fans who remember her from "My Super Sweet 16" won't be shocked to learn that Wright still has no issue speaking her mind, with Too Fab reporting in 2021 that she called out Ice Cube for refusing to appear in a documentary about Eazy-E. Wright spent years raising funds for the passion project, after losing her father when she was just 4 years old, and so she took offense to Cube's reluctance to participate. "You know, it really breaks my heart that he hasn't spoken on this yet because I grew up with his sons, and I have a really good relationship with them," she shared.

Quincy Brown, who calls this music mogul dad, continues to thrive years after My Super Sweet 16

Similar to fellow "My Super Sweet 16"-ers Teyana Taylor, Darnell Robinson, and Erin Wright, Quincy Brown has also dedicated his post-MTV years to music. He credits his adopted father Sean "P Diddy" Combs with influencing his professional trajectory, telling Metro UK in 2020, "Growing up I was able to be exposed to different things which creates who I am today. Everything that I've been through, all the cities that I've grown up in, all of that creates the person you see." As Life & Style acknowledged, although his 16th birthday was suitably extravagant, Brown has mellowed as he's advanced in his career.

As Spectrum News NY1 noted in an interview with the actor and musician, Brown also feels like he's following in his late mother Kim Porter's footsteps, since she moved to New York City as a teen to pursue modeling. His IMDb lists several small roles, but it seems music is his main focus these days, judging by the former reality star's popular YouTube channel, where Brown frequently posts music videos and even short films.

Bjorn Mychal-Hume made his fashion dreams a reality after My Super Sweet 16

Fashion is, obviously, a major part of the "My Super Sweet 16" universe, but for Bjorn Mychal-Hume, it was a key element of his party, too. The ambitious teenager staged a fashion show that caused major drama among his female friends (via IMDb). He also puked live on camera, likely from the stress of putting the event together. Mychal-Hume has remained totally fashion-obsessed as he's grown up, too, with the former MTV star's Twitter bio describing him as a "fashion enthusiast" and "everything obsessor."

Mychal-Hume's Instagram page, meanwhile, is loaded with shots of him looking slick in various ensembles. He appears to be based in Los Angeles, which makes sense for a dedicated fashionista. According to a Backstage profile, Mychal-Hume sings, acts, and models, too. The "Sweet 16" alum's LinkedIn page confirms he obtained a bachelor's degree in public relations, advertising, and applied communication from the University of Hartford and that he counts event planning and advertising among his key skills.

My Super Sweet 16 alum Chelsi Beauregard has dedicated her life to science and motherhood

Who could forget Chelsi Beauregard? Or should that be Empress Chelsi, who threw a Roman-themed birthday party, featured in an episode of "My Super Sweet 16" (via IMDb), during which someone put their face in the cake, completely destroying it in the process. Beauregard has stayed firmly out of the limelight since making her mark on "My Super Sweet 16," though she did appear in spinoff series "Exiled," during which the spoiled teen was sent to freezing-cold Norway to acquire some perspective on her charmed life (via IMDb). Beauregard has no public social media to speak of, with her Instagram set firmly to private. 

However, we know from her bio that the former reality star has at least one child, while her life's passion is the study of "microbiology and infectious disease." Her LinkedIn page confirms as such, noting the former "Sweet 16"-er attended Marist College, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in biological and biomedical sciences, followed by a stint at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, where she earned her doctorate and, later, from 2013 onward, worked as a graduate student researcher. Impressive!