Everything You Need To Know About The Korean High Heel Nails Trend

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Nail trends are always fun, especially during trying times like the COVID-19 pandemic, when they allow you to have fun and express yourself and your creativity at home. In recent years, too, nail trends have skyrocketed in popularity, meaning there are more nail styles than ever to try. Take polygel nails, for example, or the abstract nail trend. There's even a nail trend named after coffins. Yes, the coffins that the deceased rest in. With so many options, where do you start?

You should actually turn to a really unique trend that's being made popular in South Korea, called the high heel trend (and no, we don't mean decorating your nail with the outline of an actual high heel shoe). This nail trend was first made popular at the Korean boutique Unistella, who also made wire nails popular (via PopSugar). But just what is the high heel nail? Here's what it looks like and how you can do it at home.

This nail trend will keep you elegant, even at home

Nail trends come and go, but the Korean high heel nail trend is too classy to merely disappear after a short stint in the limelight. They're also easy to paint, so there's no reason not to try them at least once. According to PopSugar, high heel nails involve a single, thick stripe of nail polish down the middle of your nail that leaves negative space on both sides of it. This stripe represents the heel, and the color contrast between the stripe and the negative space is striking, beautiful, and elegant. The other way to do high heel nails is by using a block of negative space surrounded by color instead of the other way around.

If it sounds like these are easy to do, it's because they are! They can be done in just a few steps, per Joliecious. First, you apply a base of clear coat to your nails. Then, paint all of your nails a peachy tone as your base color. Third, use two strips of tape to block off the sides of your nail. Then, paint your stripe down the middle. A common color is navy blue, but any dark shade will look great. Remove the tape, and you're all set! You can do some accent fingers, too, with Joliecious recommending using your ring finger as a solid color.