Why You Should Never Wear Socks And Sandals To The Beach

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a relaxing trip to the beach. When the sun's shining, the sea's glistening and everyone's enjoying themselves, it's difficult to imagine a better vacation or day out. Even if it's just a day trip, and you've got work the next day, being at the beach makes it all seem less gloomy.

Of course, everyone will have slightly different traditions and habits at the beach. Some people like flip-flops, while others prefer platform sandals. Some people like to sunbathe or read a book on the beach, while other people would rather be more active. While what you do at the beach is mostly just a matter of personal taste, there are some things that everyone should avoid to keep their day by the sea as pleasant as possible, however.

One thing to steer clear of when you're at the beach is wearing socks and sandals. Okay, so maybe it goes without saying, but here's why it's a really bad idea — almost as bad an idea as not applying sunscreen to your feet.

You'll get sand in your socks

Would you ever wear socks and sandals to the beach in the first place? Okay, probably not, but we're saying it anyway, just in case. There are a few reasons why it's a pretty bad idea (via Travelversed). Not only is it something of an ... interesting stylistic choice, but you're setting yourself up for hours spent trying to get hundreds of grains of sand out of your socks. That's annoying enough while you're actually at the beach, but once you leave to grab food or get in the car for the journey back, there's nothing worse. 

Apart from, perhaps, wet socks. Even if you go to the beach and sit yourself away from the sea, it only takes a dog to shake water off near you or a child to spill a bucket in your direction and your socks and sandals combination will get wet. If the sun's out, they might dry fairly quickly, but it still won't be comfortable. One last point: Why wear open-toed shoes at all if you're just going to put socks on under them (via No Cold Feet)?