Don't Forget To Do This When Wearing Sandals This Summer

One of the best things about summer is the low-key wardrobe, including the ability to sport slip-on sandals. But while keeping your look low-maintenance is as key to hot weather as sipping lemonade and being sure to schedule some pool time, did you know there is a step you may be forgetting when it comes to footwear this season?

First, consider that according to the American Academy of Dermatology, melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, can develop anywhere on the body, even the feet. The organization notes that when melanoma is on the feet, it often goes unnoticed and can spread.

If you guessed that adding sunscreen to your sandal routine is a vital step if you plan to pop on a pair of sandals — you'd be right (via What's Up Media). But preventing skin cancer is not the only reason never to skip the sunscreen on your feet when they are subjected to the sun. 

There is another far-less serious impetus, but one all fashionistas much know about, to slather on that sunscreen before you take your tootsies out the door.

Your guide to preventing a silly side effect of summer sandals

Yes, preventing skin cancer is enough of a cause to keep that sunscreen handy and be sure to apply it on all areas of the body — including your sandal-clad feet. But vanity should also convince you to rub some lotion on your lower extremities.

Consider that exposing your toes to the sun in sandals may leave you with some cringeworthy tanlines, with What's Up Media noting this is particularly true when it comes to gladiator sandals, which feature ties up the ankle. The outlet encourages summer sandal wearers not only to layer on the sunblock lotion, but to reapply often.

Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours, and after a serious sweat session, or time in the water, and to buy a sunblock featuring an SPF of 60 or greater if your day will include fun in the sun.

So be sure to follow this advice — you'll thank us later when you aren't walking around with funky tan lines on your feet.