The Best Glitter Lip Glosses Under $10

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Remember those glittery glosses from the early aughts that came in squeezable packaging and fruity flavors? Think Lancôme's cult-fave Juicy Tubes, or all those watermelon, cherry, and even root beer-flavored varieties from your local drugstore. The subtle shimmer is what made those Y2K glosses, deliciously-reflective in all their bubblegum-pink "Lizzie McGuire" and "Legally Blonde" glory. So can we just say we're very excited about their 2021 comeback? Glitter lip gloss is back in a big way, just like the early 2000s fashion trends that are all over TikTok right now: low-rise denim, butterfly hair clips, crimped hair, and rainbow crochet tops. Since "all those retro trends are officially back," per Seventeen, it's time to give your classic neutral lip pencils and subtle lipsticks a break because shimmery gloss is everything now.

You can always go for the very-iconic Juicy Tubes, but with each full-size version running at around $20 a pop, they're a bit more than some may want to spend. This especially rings true thinking about how back in the early '00s, the trend was really just a drugstore makeup thing as low-key as buying a pack of Twizzlers or Skittles. 

To help out in the budget department, we've uncovered all the best under $10 glitter lip glosses that come in candy hues with major shimmer. And these won't be overly sticky or dry out your lips, as some of these feature must-have plumping ingredients, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and impressive stay-power. Starting at just over $1, here are our favorite low-cost glitter lip glosses.

Glosses that shimmer and plump

First up, we have the color-enhancing Winky Lux Disco Lip Gloss, which is everything we didn't know we needed in a lippie. The most expensive gloss on our list at $10, this truly stunning lip color is pH-activated, so it reacts with your natural lip to create a personalized shade. This pH technology "adjusts to your skin's most flattering pink," and is complemented by tons of disco glitter. With its "ultimate sparkle," this gloss comes in a rainbow of shades including Groovy Green and Foxy Orange. We didn't know chemistry could ever be so cute until now.

Just because you may choose a cheaper gloss doesn't mean it has to be any less moisturizing, or lack good-for-you ingredients. This $4.90 Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bomb Lip Gloss has an unbeatable price and a list of must-have components for a hydrated, shimmery pout. As per Ulta, this gloss will "load your lips up with a shimmery, sheer formulation," that's nourishing, non-sticky, vegan, and cruelty-free. The best part? This gloss is a natural lip plumper, too, and is chock-full of good-for-you, moisturizing vitamin E.

If you're on the market for a look-at-me gloss, then NYX Cosmetics' Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish is the one for you. At a cool $7, this gloss comes in six metallic, super-glittery shades. We're loving the deep-bronze New Money shade that looks like pure liquid gold. Even better, it plumps lips and features "light reflecting emollients" for ultimate hydration to boot.

Glittery and vitamin-enriched glosses

Maybe we really just love Olivia Rodrigo's glitter-explosion, Y2K-inspired "Sour" album, or maybe we're just really loving Maybelline's Lifter Gloss in super-sparkly Brass. This gloss is everything we ever wanted when it comes to shimmer gloss, boasting hyaluronic acid for natural hydration. Plus, this $8.99 lippie "visibly smoothes the lip surface and enhances lip contour with high shine," resulting in a bee-stung pout. We adore each and every one of the 15 shades, ranging from pearlescent Opal to the sparkly, winter queen-esque Ice.

We couldn't look away from this vitamin-packed Elf Cosmetics Lip Lacquer, which rounds out at an unbeatable $3. We love the stunning, rose gold Fantasy shade, a truly-delicate metallic, and adore how it blends both vitamin A and E for ultimate hydration. A balm and gloss all-in-one, it features a "nourishing, non-sticky formula" that's super-subtle. Best part? Your hair won't get stuck in it as much as your average gloss, which is always a plus!

Essence has an amazing range of glosses, and this $2.30 Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss is a major winner in our eyes. The 13-shade range is unbelievable, going from transparent and glassy to glittery mauves and wines we adore. This one has a "light-reflecting, wet-look finish" that is supposed to stay glossy for hours. Plus, it features a specialty "flocked applicator" for extra precision atop your favorite lip liner. This gloss is an Allure Beauty of Beauty Steals winner for a reason, and let's just say we're adding every color to our carts, stat.

These options are cheaper and better than Juicy Tubes

Who doesn't love NYX Cosmetics? Whether you're a longtime convert or just hearing about the brand now, it's known for its high-quality formulas, unbeatable prices, and really fun shades. This Lip Lingerie Glitter Gloss is no exception, coming in at $7.50 and featuring a "liquid glitter" formula that is the best we've seen for high-glam dinners, galas, or you know, just having fun with makeup in your pajamas (guilty!). The nine shades are different takes on metallic nudes, ranging from our favorite copper Bare With Me to an unexpected smoky-gray Maison that's very chic. All of them have a hint of glitter (okay, a lot) and we're obsessed.

A wallet-friendly answer to Lancôme's Juicy Tubes, this Essence Juicy Bomb Shiny Lipgloss is a shocking $1.39 and is just as lusciously glittery. We love the Crazy Cherry, shimmery-red shade, but equally adore the other five colors — including Sweet Peach, a perfectly-iridescent light coral. In a seriously "juicy" squeezable tube, this gloss is non-sticky (an ah-mazing 2021 upgrade), features a slanted tip applicator for on-the-go application, and has all the shimmer.

When in doubt, a clear glitter gloss is the perfect top layer to any of your favorite lipsticks and liners. We love this Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper in the iridescent Snow Flake shade, with hints of subtle gold shimmer that's super flattering. At $9.99, this gloss features everything we could ever want: a lightweight formula, a non-sticky texture, a chock-full of hyaluronic acid, and major plumping technology.

Glitter glosses in super-fun shades

What if you already have a lip gloss arsenal that's full of expected cherry-reds, bubblegum-pinks, and metallic golds? Well, you go for something no one else has, like this electric-blue L.A. Girl Holographic Gloss Topper in Kaleidoscope. This gloss will add a subtle, azure sheen and has "color-shifting transformation" technology for hints of different hues depending on the lighting. Apart from being gorgeously-iridescent, this gloss is packed with vitamin E, aloe vera, and moisturizing rosehip seed oil. At $3.49, we have to say this holographic gloss is pretty unbeatable (and fun, too!).

If you want to feel like Elle Woods for a day, may we suggest swiping on this Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss? In the perfect shade of Pearly Pink, it's this era's answer to a bubblegum gloss, and it is deliciously-shimmery and moisturizing to boot. As per the brand, the formula leaves lips "smooth and radiant," and is never sticky. Long-lasting and plumping, we need this $7 gloss.

When in doubt, opt for a cherry-cola gloss that is classic, glam, and really cute all in one. This Wet n Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Red Sensation is like a pearlescent red convertible, or a strawberry lollipop; Either way, it's adorable. At just over $5, this lippie is "ultra-glossy" with vitamins A and E to boost lips' moisture. A dose of aloe vera makes it even more hydrating, and we're still not over its red-glitter hue.