The Surprising Benefits Of Silicone Makeup Sponges

As internet makeup gurus and influencers come and go, so do trends in makeup and its application, leaving all of us struggling to keep up. If you're anything like us, you're stuck wondering which of a hundred different opinions you should listen to — is expensive makeup really better than drugstore makeup? Should you be using natural or synthetic makeup brushes? Which eyeshadow palettes have the most pigmentation?

The latest trend to enter the ring? Silicone makeup applicators. According to Real Simple, the silicone makeup sponge has become a highly praised beauty tool in the past year, and has recently been sought out over Beautyblenders and other brands of makeup sponges. Like everything, there are pros and cons to both silicone and sponge applicators, which both professional makeup artists and beauty influencers have weighed in on since the trend's beginning. Keep reading to decide for yourself if silicone sponges are worth the hype.

Silicone makeup sponges help minimize waste

One of the main benefits of silicone beauty sponges is that they minimize waste of both product and physical applicators. In an interview with Byrdie, Urban Decay's global makeup artist Steve Kassajikian spoke of the reusability of silicone sponges versus traditional ones, saying, "since it doesn't absorb product, you can keep using it until there is damage to the outer lining, Just wipe and sanitize with antibacterial soap after every use." In contrast, traditional makeup sponges and even Beautyblenders typically don't have the same durability to be cleaned after every use, and are thrown away far more often.

Additionally, silicone makeup applicators help to minimize waste of product. Since silicone sponges aren't porous, they don't absorb products like a traditional makeup sponge does. This means less foundation, liquid blush, liquid highlight, etc. is required when applying makeup with a silicone sponge—saving you both money and product in the long run.

They're easier to clean than traditional makeup sponges

After taking the time to perfect your perfect winged eyeliner or popping highlight, you don't have time to sit and wash all of your makeup brushes and applicators. Luckily, another pro of the silicone beauty blender is that they're easier to clean than traditional makeup sponges. In an interview for Real Simple, New York-based makeup artist Moani Lee pointed out the two pros of silicone makeup sponges being that they are "very easy to clean and to travel with," as they absorb less product than traditional makeup sponges.

Traditional makeup sponges and Beautyblenders have gained a reputation for being notoriously — and sometimes hilariously — hard to clean. In March 2018, one Twitter user shared a before and after of a dirty makeup sponge and a clean one, claiming all she had done was put the sponge in the microwave. But one unlucky guinea pig of the life hack replied to the tweet with a photo of their melted makeup sponge in the microwave. Some companies, such as Urban Outfitters, are even capitalizing on this problem by selling mini washing machines for makeup sponges. There's no need for a new appliance with silicone makeup sponges.