Everything You Need To Know About The Korean Tattoo Nails Trend

Let's talk about nail trends. They're fun, cute, and even sassy at times, and they're fun outlets for creative expression and glamor. Nail trends can be seasonal, or they can be specific, such as the abstract nails trend or the Korean high heel nails trend. Any and all of these trends are fun to say the least, but more than that, they keep the beauty and fashion worlds on their toes, with no one ever fully predicting what's coming next. And this is precisely why we're here today to talk about another Korean nail trend that's both unexpected and really clever: the tattoo nails trend.

You may think you misread that, but you didn't. The tattoo nails trend is starting to take off both in South Korea and abroad, and it's exactly what it sounds like. These designs resemble tattoos in that they're more intricate than simply painting your nails one or two colors (via The Klog). Rather, they allow you to have a full image on one nail.

The tattoo nail process may surprise you

Now, you might be wondering how this process works. Are you actually getting your nails tattooed? Is it even possible to tattoo nails? According to Byrdie, it is possible to get your nails tattooed, but most people instead choose to use templates or stickers to achieve the looks they want. This is even more fun when you realize that you can put these images over an uncolored nail or a polished nail, meaning you can endlessly customize your looks. Want a sun on your nail? Try putting it over a yellow nail, which will give warmth and make the sun its actual color once the image is on your nail.

This nail trend, like the Korean high heel nails trend, was created by Unistella, a nail company based in South Korea, per The Klog. At Unistella, they hand-paint the tattoo looks, but this can be a lot to take on at home, which is why people have resorted to stickers and other easy ways to transplant images onto the surface of their nails. Not everyone has the time or precision to dedicate to this nail trend, so if you still want this cute look, stickers will be the easiest way to achieve it outside of actually getting tattooed or flying to Korea.