Here's What Hannah Montana Star Moises Arias Looks Like Today

In 2011, "Hannah Montana" wrapped up its successful run, which included four seasons and a tie-in movie (per IMDb). The majority of the beloved show's cast were teen and preteen actors, so it's understandable that, in the intervening years, they've all branched out and made their mark in Hollywood and beyond. Nowadays, for instance, series lead Miley Cyrus — who played Miley Stewart and her superstar alter ego, Hannah Montana — is as far removed from the character as possible. 

Likewise, her co-stars are unrecognizable from their adorable Disney pasts, from Emily Osment to Mitchel Musso. As Insider notes, Moises Arias played scheming Rico, the eponymous owner of Rico's Surf Shop, where Musso's character, Jackson Stewart, begrudgingly worked. The two frequently tussled while, as MTV notes, Rico also stole a kiss from Jackson's sister Miley at one point, too. 

Post-Disney stardom, Arias has grown out of the Rico persona to carve out a career far removed from the surf shop. Let's take a look at what he's doing today.

Moises Arias has left Rico in the rearview

According to IMDb, actor Moises Arias has enjoyed several high-profile roles in the years since "Hannah Montana" wrapped. On TV, he's popped up in "The Middle," "Jean-Claude Van Johnson," and "The Good Doctor," among others, while, movie-wise, Arias featured in "Despicable Me 2," "Pitch Perfect 3," and "The King of Staten Island." He's also directed several music videos for buddy Jaden Smith, including "Batman," "Hello," and "Blue Ocean." 

The former Disney star's Instagram page describes him as an "Actor, Photographer, and Creative Director," with Arias' passion for photography, in particular, on display. However, the talented multi-hyphenate hasn't forgotten where he came from, reuniting with "Hannah Montana" castmates Jason Earles, Emily Osment, and Mitchel Musso in 2018, per a sweet photo posted to Earles' Instagram

In an interview with, the former child star opened up about the difficult transition into more adult work. "I got off [Hannah Montana] when I was 16 and that's right in the pocket of whether you're going to school or not and I was stressed out about that and then 'Kings of Summer' came at the right time when I was 17/18 years old," he said. "That kind of shifted my direction." 

Despite his demonstrable success, the unfailingly humble star noted, "I'm still figuring it out, I'm still getting experience. ... I think it's going to continue being a learning process and there are always changes that you'll have to adapt to as an actor."