What The Eyebrow Lamination Process Is Really Like

Did you know you can get a perm on your eyebrows? No, we're not joking here. An eyebrow perm, more commonly known as an eyebrow lamination, is a process when your eyebrows are lifted and "permed" to create an even and full look, per Healthline.

It's like the soap brows, but on a permanent scale. And, it's less painful than microblading, which is always a plus (via PureWow). "Brow lamination is a nice service for those who want to groom their brows into more of a perfect shape, especially if you have unruly brows or curly hair," Katya Dmitrenco, founder and owner of KD Brows in Studio City, said. "It just helps you straighten them and gives you a fuller look."

While the procedure may seem new (various influencers and celebrities have popularized it in the last few years), eyebrow lamination has been happening for decades, the outlet added.

So, how are brows laminated? It's only a three-step procedure that takes an hour or less, per Healthline. First, the beautician will "lift" your brows using a specialized cream. Then, your brows are brushed upward to seal them in a uniform direction and a neutralizer is placed on your brows so the position stays. Lastly, oil is applied to prevent skin irritation and dryness. 

The benefits and risks of an eyebrow lamination

Since eyebrow lamination is noninvasive, you'll have your brows ready to go after your appointment. Your busy brows will last for four to six weeks, per PureWow. No touch up required.

Eyebrow laminations are also less costly compared to other eyebrow procedures like microblading or microshading. Permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow procedures can range up to $1,000 or more, but with laminations, the most you'll be dishing out is $50 to $100, Healthline reported.

With all cosmetic procedures, there are a few risks involved. For those who have sensitive skin, including eczema or contact dermatitis, eyebrow lamination may not be the procedure for you, per Healthline. The outlet added that individuals with these skin allergies are prone to flare-ups from the various chemicals used during the lamination.

Aside from allergies, there's also a risk of dryness. Anyone who's ever received a perm before knows that your hair can potentially dry out and become brittle. The same goes with your eyebrows post-lamination (via Healthline). Prevent dryness by taking breaks in between each eyebrow lamination.