The TikTok Hack For DIY Raw Hem Jeans

TikTok has introduced Zoomers, Zillennials, and Millennials to a number of TikTok style hacks fit for any wardrobe. Through the video-sharing app, we've learned how to make oversized jeans fit, how to repurpose vintage clothing, and even how to turn a purse into a backpack (via BuzzFeed).  

One of those TikTokers spilling amazing fashion secrets is Alisha Revel. The model and actress has over 275,000 loyal followers on TikTok devouring her dance, lip sync, and fashion advice videos. According to Revel's website, the newly engaged influencer turned to TikTok to fulfill one of her passions: making people smile. "It doesn't matter how many people I impact, as long as one person tells me that I made a small difference," she said, via Chocolate Is My Vice.

Revel's impact is ever-growing thanks to one of her most-watched videos, where she shows followers how to recreate a cropped, raw-hem jeans look. And we're breaking down her TikTok hack step by step.

Rub cut jean hems on a carpet to create a frayed "raw" look

There's a handful of denim hacks circling the internet, but the raw hem hack is one of our favorites. While wearing your jeans, find your ankle bone and mark your jeans with either a pen or marker (via PopSugar). Next, take off your jeans, and lay them down on a flat surface. Using a pair of fabric scissors, which Revel notes can be purchased from the craft section of any store (she suggests Target), cut a straight, horizontal line across the cuff of one of the pant legs (via TikTok).

Revel suggests saving the bottom to reattach later if you so choose. Fold the jeans evenly in half so that both pant legs line up. Cut the second leg, using your first cut hem as a reference. Now comes the fun part!

Grab both pant leg hems, and rub them vigorously across your carpet. If you don't have carpeting, use any rug or mat to achieve the same look. Your hem should now appear frayed or "raw," perfect for a casual daytime look with a T-shirt or for a night out with some heels. BRB: We have a closet full of skinny jeans to try this on!