The Truth About Having A Deodorant Wardrobe

For most people, deodorant is a key piece of their daily hygiene routine. Like showering or brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant is an important part of keeping yourself clean and smelling fresh.

Deodorants made by brands like Dove and Secret have long held the top spot for deodorant in the United States, changing what we think of as a deodorant (via Statista). Most modern-day deodorants also contain antiperspirant ingredients. That means that not only do they mask odor, but they also prevent you from sweating entirely. While this might be good for your white T-shirts, experts are beginning to re-think whether it's good for your body and your health.


Sweating is your body's natural cooling mechanism, and is also a way for your body to purge accumulated toxins (via Blume). Some antiperspirant deodorants also kill bacteria on your skin, including the bacteria responsible for creating body odor in the first place. While this can reduce B.O. in the short term, by also killing the healthy, symbiotic bacteria that naturally live on your skin, it could end up making your armpits smellier in the long run (via The Everygirl).

And scariest of all, some studies have even linked the chemicals found in traditional antiperspirant deodorants to diseases like Alzheimer's and even breast cancer (via The Everygirl). Though these connections still need to be studied, if you're worried about potential health effects, the safest option may be to switch to a natural deodorant.


A deodorant wardrobe ensures you have multiple options for all occasions

As many people reconsider their old-school deodorant stand-bys, natural deodorant has never been more popular. There are a plethora of brands on the market, from Native to Schmidts to Toms, and they often offer an array of tantalizing scents to choose from. But while natural deodorants may be better for your health, they aren't always the most convenient option.


On hot days or during activities that cause you to work up a sweat, you might need to reapply a natural deodorant several times, and even then, you might end up with a little breakthrough B.O. This isn't a big deal if you're working or hanging out at home, but it's not ideal in a packed hot yoga studio or at an important job interview.

This is why some people have chosen to create a deodorant wardrobe — a mix of deodorants for various occasions, like a natural deodorant for everyday use and a traditional antiperspirant for special or sweaty occasions.