This Is Why You Should Always Buy Broccoli Rabe From The Grocery Store

You probably know that broccoli is jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins. But, a lesser-known, easier-to-prepare look-alike of the vegetable may be your latest health food obsession.

According to VeryWell Fit, broccoli rabe isn't in the broccoli family like other vegetables such as broccolini. Instead, it falls into the Brassica family that boasts members such as turnips. When you cook it, it appears like a leafy green side, but it actually has more benefits that stem from this type of vegetable. But, perhaps one of its biggest benefits is its ease of preparation.

From the stalks to the leaves and the florets, every part of broccoli rabe is edible. Rather than peeling the leaves off broccolini or broccoli, you can quickly rinse, chop and cook! Broccoli rabe, which also goes by the name of rapini, works as a delicious side that's easy to make. It can have a bitter taste — particularly when raw — so flavoring with oils and cooking properly can make it taste even better.

Plus, with its high levels of Vitamin K, your broccoli rabe can have a seriously beneficial impact on your cognitive state. The outlet notes that a diet high in Vitamin K improves bone health and heart health when eaten over time. By frying up some rapini, you'll have a powerhouse side that tastes amazing and delivers some much-needed nutrients.

Broccoli rabe has tons of vitamins

Much like most vegetables, a serving of broccoli rabe offers a ton of vitamins. Andy Boy writes that these greens provide high levels of fiber that support digestion and overall immune health. Plus, since they're mostly water, these greens also provide a deeper level of hydration when you eat them. Of course, broccoli rabe is also loaded with carotenoids that protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.

With this high level of antioxidants, broccoli rabe may stave off various forms of cancers, VeryWell Health explains. Specific compounds found in the vegetable can lower rates of inflammation and thus the incidence of disease. Plus, its high levels of folate can also provide serious health benefits. The outlet also notes that eating enough of this nutrient can prevent neural tube defects as well as birth defects in the brain and spinal cord. A cup of broccoli rabe accounts for up to 8% of your daily intake of folate — not a bad way to protect your body and brain's health.

Alongside glowing skin and a healthy dose of calcium, broccoli rabe's benefits aren't just physical. By cooking the vegetable with some olive oil and salt, you'll have a delicious side that serves up tons of nutrients that your body needs.