Johnny From Married At First Sight Shares Details About His Wedding - Exclusive

Admit it: You had your dream wedding — or at the very least, you dream dress — sketched out in your head long before your one and only ever entered the picture. (And if you're not currently in a committed relationship but still pore obsessively though The Knot for centerpiece ideas ... we see you!) You have no reason to apologize for any of this. Your wedding is the most personal and important party of your life and you have every right to make sure it accurately reflects who you are. And if this means serious advance planning, so be it.


So when it was time for Johnny, half of the first Asian-American couple on Lifetime's hit show "Married at First Sight," to plan the details of his upcoming wedding, he took full advantage of the opportunity. Not only did he want to make sure his wedding reflected his personal history and values, he had the good fortune of knowing the show, not his family, would be footing the bill. Like a lot of us, he had some very definite ideas of what his perfect wedding should include — and he eagerly revealed some of the details.

Johnny wanted his wedding to reflect his heritage

Johnny is proud of his Asian roots and wanted his wedding to celebrate his heritage. "So my family is kind of a weird mix between Chinese and Vietnamese," he explained. "Both my parents were born in Vietnam. However, all four of my grandparents are Chinese from different parts of China. We consider ourselves Chinese. So I had actually asked for a Chinese tea ceremony in my wedding. And we ended up doing a Vietnamese tea ceremony, which is not that far off. It's just a little bit more glam."


This ceremony means a lot to Johnny, since it's a central part of all weddings in his family — even those of younger family members. "I wanted something to showcase how my family handles weddings," he said. "Like everyone that's gotten married in my family, my generation, especially recently, had a little bit more toned-down tea ceremony." So while the traditional tea ceremony may have been scaled down over the generations, it still maintains its pride of place in his family's weddings — and Johnny wanted to make sure it stayed there when his turn came.

Johnny shares the symbolism behind the tea ceremony

Like many wedding traditions, the tea ceremony at Johnny's wedding was full of symbolism and history. "The whole idea of the tea ceremony is bringing a new person into the family," he explained. "And so my family would be doing the ceremony to accept her into my family. And then vice versa. When I present tea to her relatives, they're basically accepting me as kind of a symbol of, 'Yes, we accept you. We accept this tea from you, and we accept you as our son-in-law.'"


Johnny explained that every part of the ceremony has a specific meaning, so getting the details right really matters. "I listed out every detail — which people have to be there, how many teacups, and what order it'd have to go in because that order is also very important in Asian culture. Usually they do the eldest male first and then they go by age after that." To ensure no details were missed and nothing got lost in translation, he gave the producers the contact information of a cousin, who had a similar ceremony at his own recent wedding, to answer any of their questions and help ensure everything was done right.

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