What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 2

Do you find yourself running into the same numbers over and over again? Perhaps all of your kids were born on the 11th day of the month; your driver's license, license plate, social security number, and street address all end in a "6;" and every time you look at the clock it always seems to be 5 o'clock. Hmmm, perhaps this last one may just indicate you're a big Jimmy Buffet fan and/or in need of a drink. Those other recurring numbers, though — well, it could be your angel number, but there's also a chance it's your destiny number.


While angel numbers often occur in 3-number sequences and have no apparent rhyme or reason apart from being purportedly sent via heavenly messenger, destiny numbers are single (or, in some cases, double) digits derived from the ancient art of numerology. Numerology is often used in conjunction with astrology to provide deeper insight into your character. As Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins told Allure, "Numerology reveals the age of your soul ... [and] helps clarify the [star] sign by providing additional nuance."

If you already know that your destiny number is 2, you must realize that this number has some deep significance in your life, but before we get into it, did you know that you may have an additional destiny number in addition to 2? Either that, or you're a double 2, in which case everything about that number will apply twice over.


There are 2 ways to determine your destiny number

Your destiny number(s) are determined using one of two different methods. The first, and possibly more exact, method, involves using your birth date, which is a number that never varies. Let's say you were born on July 18, 2002. In that case, you'd arrive at your destiny number by adding 0 + 7 (for July) + 1+ 8 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 2. The sum of these numbers is 20, but you break it down further by adding 2 + 0 to get 2.


You can also determine your destiny number based on the letters in your name. According to Allure, each letter has a specific numeric value, and these are as follows: A, J, and S = 1; B, K, and T = 2; C, L, and U = 3, D. M, and V = 4; E, N, and W = 5; F, O, and X = 6; G, P, and Y = 7, H, Q, and Z = 8, and I and R = 9. If your name is Ami Cass, you would add 1 + 4 + 9 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 1 to get 20, then add the 2 and the 0 to get your name destiny number of 2. If your name and birth date both add up to 2, that makes you a Super 2. We just made that term up, but it means a double dose of awesome twoishness!

If your destiny number is 2, you may be a born diplomat

According to numerologist Matt Beech, destiny number 2 indicates a talent for diplomacy. It means you have the ability to be a great listener and are likely to be a calm, level-headed person who can keep cool in any crisis. In fact, your tact and cooperativeness may even enable you to negotiate a solution that can put an end to the crisis and leave everyone feeling good about the outcome.


While these may not sound like the most fun or glamorous attributes to have, the fact is that you, with your destiny number 2, are going to be the kind of person everyone wants to have around at all times. You're low drama and are likely the last person to start any trouble, but when the going gets tough, you may be the only one who can be counted on not to get going ... in the opposite direction. While you hate conflict of any kind, you have the courage to face problems head on so you can use your skills to put an end to the strife.

Destiny number 2 does have its darker side

Matt Beech explains that having the destiny number of 2 can be difficult, at times. For one thing, you may not always want to be the one who has to sort out all of your friends' problems, but peacekeeper is a pretty hard role to lay down once people have come to count on you. You may, at times, feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that you wind up taking on, particularly if you've gone into a typical #2 career fields such as teacher or mental health professional.


As a destiny number 2, you also may have a few negative traits of your own. You can, at times, do your deal-brokering by way of cunning and downright manipulation, and if you lean too far into your shady side, you could wind up as a very successful (yet highly unethical) snake oil salesperson. There could be trouble on the homefront, as well, if you let your natural tendency to want to protect your family morph into controlling behavior.

These celebrities share your destiny number 2

Destiny number 2s are more about making connections with other people than they are about seeking the spotlight, and yet number 2s' cooperative nature nevertheless makes them pretty popular. Popularity + talent quite often leads to a degree of fame of some sort or other. Number 2s, not surprisingly, make great politicians. As Numerologist reports, both Barack Obama and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair are both 2s noted for their diplomatic skills.


According to Matt Beech, 2s also have their sensitive, art-loving side, and their ability to see the world through others' eyes may make them wonderful actors like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Basinger, Emma Watson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kevin Bacon or amazing storytellers like filmmaker Tim Burton. Other number 2s go into music, like Madonna and Diana Ross. At least one famous number 2, Amelia Earhart, was a pioneer who went where no woman before her had gone. Unfortunately, she failed to return, but that was more likely due to accident than destiny.