The Affordable Olaplex No. 3 Dupes That Strengthen Hair

Olaplex is a luxury haircare brand receiving a lot of hype online right now. The praise that Olaplex gets is well-deserved, however. The product works with the bonds of your hair to repair damage in a way that other products on the market fail to do (via Bustle). However, dishing out $28 on Olaplex No. 3 at Sephora may not be in the cards for everyone. If you are seeking a similar product that will leave less of a dent in your wallet, look no further.

Olaplex works by recreating your hair's strongest bonds, known as the disulfide hair bonds (via Philip Kingsley). These bonds get especially damaged if you color treat your hair. If you are getting your hair bleached or colored at the salon every few months, you may notice your hair becoming more damaged over time. This is due to the coloring process breaking down your hair bonds. Instead of reaching for Olaplex No. 3 to fix this damage, try one of these more affordable dupes.

You can even find an Olaplex No. 3 dupe at Target

The good news about these Olaplex-style bond treatments is that they work on all hair types. So, if you need some help with damage repair, these products should work great for anyone and everyone.

The first Olaplex dupe is a real bargain. For only $4.95, the pH Plex 3 Stabilize will repair the bonds of your hair from root to tip, per Bustle. This treatment will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Another inexpensive Olaplex dupe comes from everyone's favorite store, Target! This Uberliss Bond Sustainer Original is just $15 and repairs even the most damaged hair for about half the price of Olaplex No. 3. It is a professional-grade product and contains only vegan ingredients, too.

Finally, you can try out the K18 4 Minute Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. This treatment costs $15, and all you have to do is apply it from your ends to your roots after washing your hair. After four minutes, you can style your hair and see the effects. Voila! Say hello to happy and healthy hair.