What We Know About Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And More

Since the premiere of "16 and Pregnant" back in 2009, millions of viewers around the world have been keenly interested in the lives of the teenage mothers featured on the series. The show proved to be so successful that it spawned the spinoff "Teen Mom," as well as "Teen Mom 2" and "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant," per The Wrap. Altogether, the series has followed two different generations of young mothers as they navigate motherhood and other issues.

In March of 2018, MTV released "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant," a 14-episode docuseries that follows five young mothers. "The category of drama on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant ranges from sad — Lexi, 17, worries her fellow cheerleaders are judging her for getting pregnant — to infuriating — Ashley, 20, gets into a screaming match at her baby shower with her boyfriend's mom — but this franchise has always excelled at balancing out sensationalism with true pathos," Entertainment Weekly wrote in a review of the series in 2018.

Ahead, we'll share what we know about Season 3 of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant."

Season 3 of the show will premiere in September

According to People Magazine, the third season of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" is set to premiere on Sept. 7 on MTV. "Teen Mom OG" will also start a new season on Sept. 7. This season will feature prior "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" stars Brianna Jaramillo, Rachel Beaver, Kayla Sessler, and Kiaya Elliott, along with newcomers Madisen Beith and Kayla J. Based upon the trailer for Season 3, Kayla J. is dealing with issues stemming from the fact that her baby's father, Makel, wants to date other women. Meanwhile, Rachel must learn how to cope with the recent arrest of her baby's father, while Kayla's boyfriend, Luke, considers adopting her son — until an ex shows up and demands a paternity test.

In April, Sessler criticized MTV for pushing back the premiere of the show from May 4 to what was then sometime in August. While replying to a question about Season 3 in her Instagram story, Sessler accused MTV of caring about "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" less than the other "Teen Mom" franchise projects. "MTV doesn't treat ['Young and Pregnant'] the same way they treat OG and 2 and then wonder why our ratings are where they should be," Sessler said, per The Sun.

Two newcomers will appear on Season 3 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

The first season of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant," which premiered in 2018, featured cast members Ashley Jones, Kayla Sessler, Brianna Jaramillo, Jade Cline, and Lexi Tatman (via MTV). The following season saw the return of Jones, Sessler, and Jaramillo, while Cline now appears on "Teen Mom 2" (via InTouch Weekly) and Tatman was not cast for the second season (via Cheat Sheet). As previously mentioned, Season 3 will feature prior "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" stars Jaramillo, Rachel Beaver, Sessler, and Kiaya Elliot, alongside newcomers Madisen Beith and Kayla J., per People Magazine.

One of the most dramatic scenes from the upcoming season of the show that has been revealed to the public involves Sessler. In the clip, Sessler and Annette, the mother of her ex, Stephen Alexander, with whom she shares a son, Izaiah, get into a disagreement after Sessler accuses her of being absent from her grandson's life. The ensuing argument turns physical — so much so that the production security staff on the show had to actually break the pair apart from one another, per The Sun.

If this short clip is any indication of what Season 3 of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" will bring, viewers will surely be in for a treat.

Rachel Beaver has been through a lot in the past few years

During the third season of the show, "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" star Rachel Beaver will grapple with the arrest of her boyfriend and father of her baby, Drew Brooks, per People Magazine. In the past few years, Brooks has collected quite a rap sheet, having been arrested for theft, possession of drugs and weapons, and assault, according to The Sun. His choices inevitably made Rachel doubt if he could play a significant role in his daughter's life. To make matters worse, Rachel's mother and father have been in and out of jail throughout the past few years as well for charges related to drug possession, per Radar Online.

In July, The Sun detailed the drama surrounding Rachel's older sister, Malorie Beaver, who gave birth to her daughter, Emerson, when she was 18 years old. According to The Sun, Malorie's ex and father to Emerson — Lane Fernandez, and his wife, Kylee — have accused Malorie of only playing a mother on television. They are currently on a path to obtaining custody of Emerson.

Season 3 of "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" will premiere on MTV on Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. ET.