40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Whatever your age, picking out what hairstyle you want can be quite the task. Sure, some people have stuck with the same style for years and always look flawless. But the rest of us might like to change things up with a new cut or color from time to time. And that's still the case whether you're 20, 40, 60, or 80. So, today we're taking a look at some gorgeous options for older women.

A lot of older ladies opt for timeless and elegant hairstyles. Often short and effortless cuts like bobs and pixies are very popular, but that's not to say women over 60 can't go a little more outside the box. We love to see them trying out new styles with different layers, colors, and lengths.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for what to do with your own hair or just want to look at some fantastic styles, this is the place for you. We've gathered up our absolute favorite hairstyles for women over 60, so you're sure to find something you love!

Flipped bob with layers

This layered bob is a cute haircut that you don't have to spend too much time styling. The flipped-out layers make the classic cut more sassy and fun. And, if you have light hair, the blonde highlights are a great way to add dimension and disguise gray or white hair more easily.

Feathered hair

Jane Fonda has become well-known for her iconic feathered hairstyle. HuffPost Canada raved about how stunning Fonda looked walking the red carpet at the 2015 Grammys with her signature blonde look. Not only do the feathered layers add more interest to the style, but they also frame her face and look amazing with her hair's golden color.

Brushed-back style

If there's anyone who's aged with grace, it's Meryl Streep. She turned 72 in June 2021, and she's as stunning as ever. Throughout her career, Streep has stuck to a fairly natural style. She's often seen with this effortless brushed-back look that she wore during a cover shoot for Vogue's December 2017 issue. It's a beautiful way to keep natural and long hair.

Short cut with layered back and bangs

This style is perfect for a short, hassle-free cut that still has some spunk. The choppy layers in the back and the side-swept bangs are a great way to add some attitude and provide extra volume. Plus, the stark white color proves that embracing white hair can be flattering and bold.

Salt and pepper layered pixie

Just because you're starting to go gray doesn't mean you have to spend tons of time and energy dying it to reverse the clock. This short, layered style proves how stunning gray hair can be. The layers also add texture and dimension to the hair, showing off a beautiful variation of gray tones.

Short and simple pixie

If you're looking for a haircut that you don't have to spend a lot of time or effort styling, then you can't go wrong with a short pixie. Ellen DeGeneres has worn this style for years, and it never looks outdated. It's a simple hairstyle for women over 60 that looks good with any hair texture or color.

Shoulder-length cut for straight hair

This shoulder-length cut gives you a little more length than a classic bob while keeping things low-maintenance. It's short enough that you don't have a ton of hair to style but long enough to throw it in an updo. The layering throughout the hair is also perfect for making straight hair more voluminous.

Short pink hair

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair a wild color? Actress Helen Mirren showed that it's never too late to go for it when she debuted this gorgeous pink color on the Cannes red carpet in 2019 (via Town & Country). Mirren kept the style simple with a classic, slicked-back look so that the color could take center stage, and we're obsessed!

Short bob with feathered layers

The soft, feathery layers in this haircut really set it apart from a standard bob. They give the simple haircut a lot more texture and interest, and the blonde highlights look absolutely amazing with the multiple layers. The layers also provide the haircut with a kind of built-in structure that's easy to style in your day-to-day life.

Sleek bob with ash blonde hair

A bob is the perfect in-between hairstyle for women over 60 for when you want to go short, but you still want enough hair to frame your face. This short, sophisticated cut comes down to the chin with some light layers to shape the bottom. The dirty blonde color is also perfect for disguising gray hair.

Long, blonde bob

This long bob is a stylish look that Lisa Kudrow has been wearing for several years, as seen at the 2019 Emmys. The golden blonde color looks great at any age, and the simple shoulder-length cut is always flattering. It's also easy to style and looks just as good with a center or a side part.

Layered bob for wavy hair

This is yet another variation of a classic bob, and this one is perfect if you like to style your hair with a wave. This easy hairstyle always has a youthful look and is super easy to maintain. The layers provide a slightly messy, beachy style and give you a lot of healthy-looking volume.

Effortless ponytail

Wearing your hair up is a great way to keep things simple without having to lose any length. Oprah Winfrey often puts her hair in a plain ponytail, as Hype Hair noted. The effortless style is youthful without looking juvenile, and there's no reason you can't wear it at any age.

Bold undercut

Being in your 60s doesn't mean you have to stick to conservative styles. Actress Tilda Swinton has definitely proved that with her daring, undercut hairstyle. There's plenty of length on top that you can have lots of fun styling in different ways. Meanwhile, the shaved sides give it some edge and keep the hair off your neck.

Wavy shoulder-length gray hair

Here's a style that fully embraces naturally aging hair. The heavily layered cut is fun and youthful while still showing off beautiful shades of salt and pepper. Giving gray hair a more playful cut like this one is a great way to stay feeling fresh and stylish while keeping your natural color.

Rounded bob

A rounded bob is a classic, gorgeous hairstyle for women over 60 that never fails to look elegant. Slowly tapering the cut down to the neck with no abrupt, choppy layers gives the hair a softer, more polished, and rounded look. It's great if you have naturally straight hair, but you can easily blow-dry the short cut into this style if you don't.

Choppy blonde pixie

The choppy layers in this cut give it a more youthful look. Using layers like this is a great way to give a short haircut some structure. It allows you to keep a little length on top without it looking poofy. The blonde highlights are also a great way to make it look more dynamic.

Straight bob with bangs

This simple style is always classic and chic. The blunt cut right above the collarbone frames the face beautifully. Then the straight-across bangs hit just above the eyebrows. The bangs are fairly thin for this style so they don't look too chunky on your forehead, which is perfect with the overall elegant look.

Dark hair with bangs

Blunt straight-across bangs look great if you have the right face shape. They're particularly flattering on long or oval face shapes, as noted by Dermstore, which is why they look so good on actress Mary Steenburgen. Her dark hair makes the look more dramatic, and the bangs skirt right above her eyebrows, drawing attention to her eyes.

Choppy pixie

This choppy pixie cut is one that Dame Judi Dench has been wearing since the '60s, as noted by The Guardian. Though short cuts like this are often cropped at the sides, Dench shows how stylish it can be to leave it a little longer. And the pure white color just makes it even better.

Natural curly pixie

This is another cute cut that's great for embracing your hair color as you age. The longer layers help give the hair lift, so it looks light and breezy. And we love the way the natural salt and pepper colors look in this textured, curly cut. It's perfect if your hair has a natural curl or wave.

Heavy bangs with thick hair

Throughout her career, Tina Turner has been known for her powerhouse vocals and her iconic layered hair (via Hype Hair). Turner has gone for a slightly more conservative look in recent years while still keeping it bold and fun. Her thick hair has a slight shag and a boxy shape with thick bangs that look amazing!

Feathered white hair

We love to see women embracing their white or gray hair. This is another style that shows how beautiful it can look. Adding feathered layers is a great way to provide dimension, even though there's only one color throughout. It's an easy style to blow dry in a few minutes and be ready to go.

Highlights and lowlights

Using blonde highlights and lowlights is an excellent way to disguise gray hairs as they can easily blend into varying shades. Christine Baranski looks timeless with her honey-blonde highlights. The style is also a great short cut, with the hair slightly curled under for volume and side bangs to frame the face.

Ringlets and bangs

Curly hair looks fantastic at any age. Bernadette Peters has rocked her bouncy ringlets for decades (via HuffPost), and they still look just as incredible in her 70s. Light layering helps give the curls some lift, and leaving the bangs just as curly as the rest of the hair is such a cute look.

Stacked bob

A stacked bob is an angled cut that's longer in the front and shorter in the back. It's great if you want a short cut, but prefer hair around your face. And why not go for a purple tint while you're at it? Since you won't be completely dying it, maintenance should be a breeze!

Straight shoulder-length gray hair

Diane Keaton is an excellent example of how beautiful embracing your naturally gray hair can look. This shoulder-length hair with light layering is easy to style, and it isn't something you'll have to go to the salon to touch up very often. Plus, keeping the style more basic draws all the attention to the lovely color.

Textured gray pixie

A pixie cut is a timeless look that's perfect for if you don't want to spend a lot of time on your hair. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been rocking this look for years, and it looks just amazing with her gray hair. The layers add texture to the top and give it a spunkier look.

Layered pixie for thin hair

If you have thin or fine hair, layers are an easy way to add more volume. This pixie gives you lots of layers on top that are easy to style with just a little product. Plus, the side-swept bangs and slightly grown-out sides are very flattering.

Wavy blonde hair

Blonde, beachy waves may seem like a more youthful style, but this classic look is just ageless. Michelle Pfeiffer looked absolutely stunning when she wore her blonde layers to the 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards (via InStyle). The blonde highlights look fabulous at any age, and the mid-length hair only needs a little styling.

Classic bob with bangs

No doubt you've seen this iconic style made famous by Vogue editor Anna Wintour. It's a classic and chic look that seems to work well for any occasion. Wintour admitted during an interview with Rihanna that the reason she's kept it so long is that the one time she tried to change it "was a disaster."

Flipped bob with golden highlights

Diahann Carroll looked utterly timeless with this flipped bob hairstyle at the Paley Center Tribute to African-Americans on TV (via The Wrap). The layers allow her voluminous hair to have a slight flip, making the style more playful. And the varying gold highlights look amazing with the slight curl.

Soft shag

This more conservative shag is a lot less dramatic than the extreme layering that was popular in the '70s. But the bangs at the front and layering throughout add a lot of volume to the top, which is wonderful if you have thin hair that tends to look flat.

Short cut with face-framing layers

Sigourney Weaver usually wears her brown hair in short and simple styles. This natural bob is a perfect example of that. The shorter layers near the front frame the face and add dimension to the basic look. This is a perfect haircut if your hair has a slight wave that you can leave natural.

Shaggy cut with blunt straight-across bangs

This is another great cut if you have thin or fine hair that you want to bolster up. Just like the soft shag, the shorter layers on top give the entire look more volume. The difference is that this version has adorable straight-across bangs, hitting right beneath the brow bone.

Grown-out pixie

This slightly longer pixie cut is ideal if you want the simplicity of short hair without losing all of your length. Actress Jane Lynch has been wearing a similar style for years, and it's a great example of a gorgeous hairstyle for women in their 60s. The extra length in the back, side-part, and longer layers give the pixie a fresh and fun look.

Red bob with straight-across bangs

If you're hoping to cover grays with dye, this beautiful auburn color worn by actress Carmen Maura works well. It's a dark enough color that can cover your original hair color along with any grays, but it still looks pretty natural. Maura paired the color with a grown-out bob and bangs that are just lovely.

Highlighted pixie with side-swept bangs

This cute hairstyle for women over 60 has a lot of different elements that set it apart from a classic pixie. The layers at the back are easy to fluff up for texture and volume. Then the thick side-swept bangs look amazing with a round face. And the highlights are perfect for hiding stray grays.

Sleek dark pixie

Pixie cuts can go with any style, whether you're looking for something youthful and fun or something more sophisticated. This slightly longer, side-parted pixie worn by actress Isabella Rossellini is definitely more on the sophisticated side. Keeping the layers soft and smooth gives the short cut an elegant look, while the dark color adds lots of drama.

Long bob with a slight wave

Catherine O'Hara has been a style icon since the '80s (via HuffPost), and we love this simple hairstyle that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2020. The long bob is a pretty basic cut, and leaving the slight wave gives it a more naturally beautiful look.