How To Apply Latisse The Right Way

If you have inadequate lash growth or find yourself wishing for thicker eyelashes, your doctor might have told you about Latisse. The Mayo Clinic reported that the FDA-approved drug helps you grow your own longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. 

According to For Hers, you should use Latisse once a day, and it's only approved for your top lashes, which means it won't help your bottom lash line improve. "Latisse is only sold with a prescription because it is a true medication that has a real effect on your eyelash growth according to research," Nancy Swartz, M.D., ophthalmic plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Drs. Cohen and Swartz Cosmetic Surgeons told Shape.

A liquid solution, the prescription-only product arrives in a small dropper bottle with several small individual-use brushes to apply it with. During the clinical trial, the medication, which initially treated glaucoma, ended up boosting eyelash length by 25% and thickness by 106%, making it an incredibly popular option for lashes (via Shape). However, you have to apply it correctly for it to work well.  

Consistency and time are key with Latisse

To see optimal results with Latisse, you have to apply it correctly. For Hers reported that you should use Latisse every night shortly before you go to bed. It suggested applying the medication about an hour before you plan to snooze to give it enough time to dry. 

While it might seem annoying to use a sterile applicator for each application, For Hers noted that using the provided brushes helps ensure you don't transfer any unwanted bacteria to your eyes, which could cause eye infections or other issues. Your face should be clean and free from makeup and other products. If you plan to apply an eye serum or moisturizer, you should wait at least 15 minutes before using it. To apply Latisse, simply put one drop of the medication on the included brush and gently swipe it across your upper lash line. 

If you happen to miss a dose, it might be easy to think you should apply it two times the next day. However, you shouldn't double up on the applications. Instead, just apply it as usual. While you're within the first few months of Latisse, you should use it daily, and after your eyelashes have improved, you could try every other day to see if your results continue. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have any questions or want to know more about possible side effects, you should discuss this medication with your doctor.