Can You Use Latisse On Eyebrows?

You might be used to keeping up with what to wear as a new season rolls around. If Instagram and TikTok are to be believed, midriff tie tops are here to stay this summer. However, they're not the only trends that you can follow. The Zoe Report noted that over the years, eyebrow trends have fluctuated and in 2021, the bigger and fluffier the better. There's one product that claims to help you achieve hair growth, but can you use Latisse on eyebrows?

Eyebrow expert Damone Roberts told The Zoe Report that, in 2021, eyebrows are more important than ever. "2021 is bringing forward fuller brows, but clients are requesting more of an arch than previous years, in an effort to open up the eyes and add a bit more drama after the year we just went through," Roberts said.

There's currently one FDA-approved, prescription-strength eyelash growth serum. Latisse is advertised for use on eyelashes and includes the ingredient bimatoprost. This active agent promotes hair growth and nourishes existing hairs, making them stronger. Cleveland Clinic noted that due to the strength of the serum, you should consult your doctor before you use it. It can cause intense irritation for some people. However, Skin Tour wrote that many people who've used the product have seen eyelash growth.

So, can you use the serum to help promote growth in your eyebrow hairs, too?

You should consult a doctor before using Latisse on your eyebrows

Latisse is branded and promoted as an eyelash growth serum. However, some studies have suggested that it could be really effective in promoting eyebrow growth. One very small study published in the Dermatology Online Journal found that of 10 people who used Latisse on one eyebrow every night for six weeks, all 10 experienced noticeable growth.

Slate noted that shortly after Latisse was developed and approved for use on eyelashes, researchers realized that it may be effective on eyebrows too. A review published in the journal Drug Design, Development, and Therapy looked into six research projects and concluded that Latisse is a "safe, effective, and well-tolerated option" for eyebrow growth.

Healthline pointed out that there isn't a lot more research into the effects of Latisse on eyebrow growth and as it's promoted for eyelashes, you should speak to your doctor before using it on your eyebrows. True Skin Care Center highlighted that it's for this reason that Latisse can't strictly be recommended as an eyebrow product.

However, Skin Tour noted that Latisse can regrow hairs in sparse brows, although this does have its side effects. It may make your existing brow hairs grow longer so you should be prepared to trim them back more. Similarly, you only need to use a small amount on targeted areas.