Of All Of Beyoncé's Looks - This Stands Above The Rest

Beyoncé is the sort of legend most artists strive to become. The Texas native is undeniably a household name, and, while she's arguably most well-known for her stellar music career, the "Lemonade" diva is also a fashion icon. The mogul debuted her own athleisure line, Ivy Park, which has sold exceptionally well since launching in 2016 (via Vogue). But her dominance of the industry extends well beyond a singular brand. As evidenced by her recent Harper's Bazaar photoshoot, she knows how to serve a serious look or two.

Just like the above-mentioned shoot, Bey's fashion aesthetic is always effortlessly cool. It's also remarkably versatile. She's the sort who can go from wearing a diamond-encrusted mesh top (which she wore on the cover of her debut album and referenced in Harper's Bazaar) to the simple but chic streetwear that has appeared in some of her music videos and live performances. Impressively, she owns both options and everything in between. She clearly knows how to mix it up like that.

Over the course of her lengthy career, Bey has delivered some jaw-dropping, spectacular, and elaborate looks. However, we argue that the Queen is at her best when she keeps it simple. And she's showcased some truly divine outfits that don't rely on an excessive amount of showiness since the very start of her solo career.

Beyoncé proved less is more with her "Crazy In Love" music video

Anyone can cause a stir by putting on a flashy costume. However, it takes a special breed to create a media frenzy while wearing a simple tank top and jean shorts. That's exactly what Beyoncé did with the release of her "Crazy In Love" music video. After establishing herself as a member of Destiny's Child and experiencing success with a string of solo projects, the superstar dropped "Crazy In Love."

The irresistible, JAY-Z-assisted anthem stormed the Billboard Hot 100 (via Billboard) and established Beyoncé as a breakout solo star. The song alone earned her a jaw-dropping 19 awards in a year's time (via Vogue). NME called it the "best pop song of the millennium" — 15 years after its original release. Basically, it was a cultural moment. And the accompanying music video was an appropriately massive event as well (via YouTube).

The "Diva" singer models a collection of looks in the video. However, the one that is most recognizable all these years later comes at the start as she struts down the center of a street wearing a bedazzled tank top, red heels, and denim shorts. Yes, that's really all it took for Beyoncé to captivate the world. Talk about literal star power.

Sometimes, it's all about keeping it simple

Sure, Beyoncé knows how to serve couture. Her goddess-inspired costume from the 2017 Grammy Awards is a close runner-up for the title of her most unforgettable look of all time (via Vogue). However, she has repeatedly proven that minimal fashion choices can be even more impactful. The "Crazy In Love" look is a prime example.

In fact, it was featured alongside others, such as the equally simple but enduring "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" leotard and glove, in an exhibit at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (via Independent.ie). Years after the video arrived, the tank top went viral in 2018 after the Beyhive realized it was actually bedazzled when they previously thought it was white (via Glamour UK). Such a minor detail was still sparking conversation 15 years later.

Beyoncé knows how iconic the look remains. There's a reason she featured a reference to it so prominently in a 2013 Pepsi commercial (via YouTube). Why? Because everyone associates it with her.

The "Halo" legend has pulled off similarly simple looks, too. Interestingly, she chose to wear jeans and a white top in her "Diva" music video (via YouTube), and perhaps even more memorable are the denim shorts and hoodie she wore at Coachella in 2018 (via Oprah Daily).

The simple "Crazy In Love" 'fit is instantly recognizable to this day

You may have a hard time believing that Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" look is so iconic. However, there's plenty of proof to back this claim up. The best example is Normani's "Motivation" music video (via YouTube).

Released in 2019, the colorful video is rich in references to the pop stars of the late '90s and early aughts (via Idolator). Viewers got a hint of Britney Spears in "...Baby One More Time" and Jennifer Lopez from "I'm Real." Culture critics even found references to Ciara (via Elle). But it's especially a love letter to Beyoncé. And one of the most recognizably Beyoncé moments from the video comes near the beginning: Normani, wearing a white cut-off tank and jeans, walks down the center of a street. It's an obvious and instantly recognizable homage to a historic moment in popular culture. We'll let the evidence speak for itself.