What If Means If You Are Destiny Number 4

There are so many ways to identify yourself nowadays. Between your Myers–Briggs type, birth chart, and enneagram number, there's a lot to keep track of. While those can determine a lot about your personality, your destiny number, which may be new to you, can tell you so much more about your purpose and direction in life. According to Allure, by adding up all the numbers in your birthdate, it'll give you a number one through nine that can give you a "broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons" you may encounter. So, say your birthday is October 5, 1990. To get your "destiny number," Allure notes that "you will reduce each component of this date to a single digit," like so: October is the tenth month, so 10 is reduced to 1+0, which equals 1. While the date is simply 5, the year, 1990, breaks down like this: 1+9+9+0, which equals 19 (which is then broken down to 1+9=10, which is then further reduced to 1+0=1. Whew.) This means your destiny number is 7, as 1+5+1+0=7.

"Numerology is an awesome companion to astrology," Ophi Edut of the AstroTwins told Allure. It gives you a more complete picture into who you are. Similar to knowing your sun, moon, and rising signs helps paint a clearer picture of your personality, knowing your destiny sign as well "enhances your understanding of self." 

So, what does it mean when your destiny number is 4? Find out below.

Having a destiny number 4 means you're a practical person

If you've added up all the numbers in your birthdate and have the destiny number 4, you are a practical person, according to Prokerala. As Allure puts it, you have an "earthy-energy," which means you are a logical and organized person. Numerologist also states that since you're an earthy person, you work well in the "great outdoors." 

Due to this type of structured life, you'll succeed in managerial roles and jobs where you can stay organized. If you're using your destiny number to give you some direction for work, it'll help to know that you thrive in areas where have a sense of control. As far as your relationships go, having a destiny number 4 means that you're a trustworthy partner (via Cafe Astrology). However, you may also need a bit of "confrontation" in your love life, because you love to "solve problems." Another negative you may encounter with yourself is that you can be a bit stubborn. You can always work on this by trying to loosen up a bit. You may even realize that taking more of a risk every now and then will give you a boost of confidence.