Everything You Need To Know About Using Desert Rose Crystals

Crystals are truly their own field of science. There is an endless amount of knowledge to learn about when it comes to crystals, and there are countless types, each with their own looks, applications, and places of origin, among other factors. We could discuss lapis lazulis, for example, or we could discuss amazonite or clear quartz. Each of these crystals has its own special properties, but for right now, we're going to focus on a different crystal — one that's beautiful not only in appearance but also in name: the desert rose crystal.

The desert rose is a type of selenite, and it also goes by the names gypsum rose and sand rose (via The Crystal Council). The latter comes from the foundational elements that form this crystal: sand, wind, and water. When sand gets lodged into selenite, water then, over time, forges the sand into the crystal, physically joining them together to create the desert rose's signature sandy flower appearance. The Crystal Council noted, though, that most desert rose crystals sold to the public have been touched up with a torch to create more defined flower appearances, though the crystal's healing properties are not affected by this light torching.

The desert rose is a fragile crystal that forms naturally in countries like Mexico, Australia, Tunisia, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia (via The Crystal Council). It's formed in arid climates, and its healing properties are just as resilient as it is.

The desert rose is more than just a pretty stone

The desert rose crystal isn't the most common, especially because it can take a while to fully form, but its healing properties make it worth the hunt to acquire it. According to The Magickal Earth, desert rose is particularly useful when meditating, and it's excellent for mental clarity. "It will guide you in connecting to your higher self and reaching a deeper meditative state," the outlet explained. Similarly, it awakens and enhances your clairvoyance, and is a crystal that connects to your third eye more than others.

Moreover, the desert rose won't let you be stagnant in life — it will help you move forward and become a better version of yourself mentally, physically, and in your career (via Moonrise Crystals). On the physical side of things, the desert rose can help with lumps or blockages in the body, and it's particularly good at healing one's spine. Mentally, desert rose crystals stimulate your analytical skills, helping you choose the best paths for yourself. It's also an "advocacy stone for people who have been let down by the judicial system," per Moonrise Crystals.

Its benefits truly span the spectrum of possible benefits, which could potentially be why it's a rarer stone. The Magickal Earth even explained that it can aid in matters like fertility, nausea, travel sickness, psoriasis, and so much more. It's ultimately a guiding crystal, with each stone said to hold a spiritual guide within it. Therefore, with a desert rose in your life, you're bound to make the right decisions for yourself.