Brian And Mika Kleinschmidt Share Their Best Home Renovation Tips - Exclusive

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt have asserted themselves as forces to be reckoned with within the world of interior design and real estate, despite being relatively new to HGTV. The Tampa-based married duo have taken their respective backgrounds — Brian's is development while Mika's is real estate — and turned it into a massively successful new show. After only two seasons, and a third on the way, their show, "100 Day Dream Home," has impressed real-estate obsessed fans everywhere. The show follows Brian and Mika as they work with clients to help build and design their dream homes from the ground up. But the twist? They have to do it in 100 days or less. But spoiler alert: they always manage to rise to the challenge with flying colors (via HGTV).

The List recently had the chance to sit down with the Kleinschmidts for an exclusive interview to talk all about what makes them such a great team, how their lives have changed since the start of the show, and of course, we dished all about the new season of "100 Day Dream Home" which is coming soon. But we couldn't end the interview before grabbing some super handy advice from them regarding home renovation and buying — and here's what they shared.

Thanks to the pandemic, work-from-home spaces are more important than ever before

Whether it's working directly with clients or simply teaching fans vital skills through in-depth episodes, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt certainly know their trade — and, what's more, they know how to teach it. The Kleinschmidts shared some of their best home related tips and tricks with us that we couldn't wait to share.

"Everybody right now is bringing up renovating or remodeling, because you're figuring now your house has to function for more than what it used to, I think," says Mika, explaining that the world of home design had changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "In a lot of cases, an office is not just a classroom — it's an office, classroom, everything. So I think functionality and durability are really important when you're going to pick things. You don't want something that in two years from now, is just not going to stand the test of time." The notion of making a space multi-dimensional and suitable for at-home working is something that the Kleinschmidts said is addressed quite a bit in the upcoming season of "100 Day."

Here are Brian's top home priorities

The couple shares that designing a home should be like owning a car; it should be low maintenance with fixes that are as simple as getting an oil change.

As for Brian's advice, he recommends a few fundamental elements to focus on. "Obviously replacing your air filters, keeping that fresh air in the house, cleaning your duct work, getting a reliable AC system," he says, adding "That's why we partner with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning — they're the best around." Brain explained that living in Florida means learning how to navigate the intense heat and humidity that comes with the territory, making it super important for a house to function as best it can. "Yes, it has to look good, but it has to feel good as well," he says. "I think we make sure that we put the best in every single home we're working with because that's what our clients deserve."

You can watch full episodes of "100 Day Dream Home" on HGTV and stream Seasons 1 and 2 on discovery+.