Here's How Many Grandchildren Mel Brooks Has

Mel Brooks is one of the most iconic comedians. Before making us all laugh for a living, Brooks fought in World War II, according to his biography on IMDb. After serving in the war, he started playing the drums at clubs in the Catskills. It wasn't long before his talent allowed him to trade his nightclub shows for radio and television gigs.

Brooks' career spanned decades. He began writing for shows like "Your Show of Shows" in the 1950s before trademarking his signature genre, spoofs. His most iconic movie spoofs include "Young Frankenstein" and "Spaceballs."

When he's not making us laugh with his iconic movie spoofs, Brooks is a loving and supportive father, per Closer Weekly. He has four children between his two marriages. With so many children, it is no surprise that Brooks is a grandfather. According to USA Today, he is a proud grandfather. His grandchildren have even helped him choose his acting roles!

Mel Brooks is a loving grandfather to two grandchildren

Mel Brooks has been in the entertainment industry since the 1950s and has only married twice. That is an impressive feat for a star of his era! His first wife was actress Anne Bancroft. Per CBS News, Bancroft was the love of Mel's life. They stayed together until her death in 2005. Their union lasted a total of 41 years, and the pair shared a son, Max Brooks.

Mel's heartwarming romance with Bancroft wasn't his first marriage. He was once married to Florence Baum, an actress (per IMDb). Together, he and Baum had three children, Stephanie, Eddie, and Nicky Brooks.

Mel is the proud grandfather to two grandchildren. His grandson is named Henry, the son of Mel's son Max. His granddaughter, Samantha, is the daughter of his son Eddie. Samantha has joined her grandfather on red carpets before, while his grandson Henry can be seen in a cute video with his famous grandfather during the days of quarantine, per Kveller.

According to USA Today, Mel's grandchildren were a motivating factor in lending his voice to the animated movie "Hotel Transylvania 2," stating they get a kick out of it. Mel is a proud grandfather. He told the publication he wanted to be called grandpa, saying, "People don't like to admit becoming grandparents. They want to be called Pappy, Pap, or Nick. Nothing with 'grand' in it. But I'm old-fashioned. I like it, I earned it and it's my title."