Everything You Need To Know Before Trying An LED Facial

The expansive world of skincare is not only ever-changing, but also ever-evolving. Skincare trends can come and go, but as technology grows better and stronger, skincare options become grander than ever. This even applies to simple routines like facials. There's oxygen facials and hydrafacials, and there's the microcurrent facial. They all accomplish similar results, but are performed in unique ways that can lead to bonus effects that other facials can't give you, too.

How often you get a facial is ultimately up to you, but when you get one, you should consider all of your options. One of the more intriguing and perhaps even one of the most promising today is the light emitting diode (LED) facial, which utilizes LED light therapy on your face. According to Healthline, LED light therapy was originally developed by NASA, who used it for plant growth experiments. Now, it can be used not only for acne, but also to help skin combat the effects of aging. LED light therapy treatments involve your practitioner using either red or blue light frequencies on your face. Red frequencies are used for anti-aging treatments, while blue frequencies are used for acne treatments.

Still, there's a lot you need to know before committing to an LED facial.

This is the real reason you may not want to do these facials often

In addition to acne and anti-aging effects, LED facials can help with a variety of conditions. According to Medical News Today, these include eczema, dermatitis, sun damage, wound healing, rosacea, scarring, and more. While it's known for its wide array of uses, it's also known for its safety profile. No chemicals or UV rays are used in LED facials, which means that your skin remains healthy and this treatment can be used often without the risk of burns or other types of harm to your skin. Short-term side effects are rare according to Medical News Today, but they can include inflammation, rashes, tenderness, and redness.

When it comes to results, LED facials seem to be second to none. According to InStyle, who tested the facial and asked their practitioner for more information, you see results immediately but will see full results just three days post-treatment. When describing what it felt like, InStyle's Grace Gavilanes explained, "The LED light facial itself reminded me of sunbathing, which, in the freezing temps of January, is a really sweet treat to say the least." She later added, "And guys, after only two days, I noticed a major difference in my skin complexion. My skin felt smoother and was noticeably clearer."

This instant reward comes with a price tag, though. LED facial rates usually sit around $125 for 30 minutes and $195 for 50 minutes of treatment. These prices mean this facial isn't as accessible as other options, and while LED facials can be done any time, you may not be able to — or want to — due to this price tag. Still, it can be a nice occasional treat.