Everything You Need To Know About Using Fluorite

The truth about healing crystals is actually very simple: There are a lot of them, and each is its own unique rock formation that is geologically fascinating, visually stunning, and metaphysically useful. You can use desert rose crystals, or perhaps you prefer the icy touch of a lapis lazuli. Maybe you should even try amazonite. (And, no, this gem is not affiliated with Jeff Bezos' ever-expanding company.)

One gemstone you may not have tried using is fluorite. It sounds like the chemical dentists use when cleaning your teeth, but it's actually a stone that can do you a lot of good when used properly. According to Charms of Light, fluorite is composed of calcium fluoride, and it's most associated with the zodiac signs Capricorn and Pisces, the elements air and water, and the number 7. It most frequently forms in shades of purple, white, green, blue, yellow, blue-green, red, yellow-brown, and even pink. It's one of the prettiest stones because of its ability to be so many colors, and it's also just as helpful as it is beautiful.

Fluorite occurs naturally in Mexico, China, Europe, Brazil, and more, according to Energy Muse, and in China specifically, fluorite has been used for over three centuries in sculpting. While it's a great stone for architecture in this way, it's also particularly apt for healing.

Fluorite offers a rainbow of positive effects to its users

When used for healing and other metaphysical practices, fluorite can be especially useful for your mind. "Fluorite is a stone known for clarity and mental enhancement," The Crystal Council explains. They also add that it's excellent in aiding decision-making and "clearing negative energy."

Furthermore, fluorite "cleanses and stabilizes" your aura (via Charms of Light). In so doing, fluorite acts as a learning aid and also helps you balance yourself, both mentally and physically. With your aura clear, you're able to focus better, meaning that you're able to approach life in new, better, and enlightened ways. Physically, it aids your immune system and can help with rheumatism, arthritis, nerve-related pain, and more. It can even strengthen your bone tissue.

Because fluorite comes in so many colors, different hues have different effects. According to Charms of Light, yellow is optimal for boosting your creativity, purple is best for your spiritual balance, green balances your hormones, and blue helps you channel your emotions properly while also aiding in your communication skills.

Fluorite is a gem that you need to collect multiples of so that you can reap all of its benefits. So if you haven't given this stone a try yet, it should definitely be high on your list.